Top Traffic Sources for Leadgen Offers in 2023

As its name implies, a lead generation (lead gen or leadgen) business generates leads for its clients or companies, and the goal is to find your client potential leads that can turn into customers. 

How Does Leadgen Earn Money?

Different leadgen programs may vary widely in what qualifies as a lead as well as compensation for the lead. You’ll receive compensation for every qualified lead sent to the business. 

In lead generation, it is essential to note that no sale transaction between the client and the potential customer is necessary in order to count as a generated lead. In most cases, getting a potential customer to fill out a form or hold a phone conversation for no less than a minute already counts as a generated lead and qualifies for compensation.

Each leadgen program is different, so it’s important to take note of the program details and requirements before moving forward.

Pros of Lead Generation

One of the best things about a leadgen business is that it can be a lucrative form of passive income, especially using an organic traffic source similar to those found in Adsense or Amazon affiliate sites. If a business has an SEO website, YouTube channel, or any organic channels, they can monetize them using leadgen offers that are easier to convert than regular offers like CPA, CPS, SS, and Revshare. 

Unlike regular offers, where publishers get a commission every time a customer buys or takes a certain action (provide information, sign up for a free trial, or download an app), lead generation only needs to capture data from potential customers for companies who can turn those leads into paying customers. 

Some examples of commission models with leadgen offers include: 

CPL (Cost Per Lead) is a marketing model in which a user must enter basic information for the affiliate to make a commission. Unlike a straight sale, the user doesn't have to purchase something to receive compensation. Instead, they must enter details like name, email, zip code, and so on for the affiliate to get paid for the lead. 

Businesses like insurance, home repair and remodeling, legal services, higher education, credit cards, dating, senior and assisted care, and local medical services can all be turned into verticlas or subverticals of leadgen. 

Types of Leadgen Offers

Email Submits SOI (Single Opt-in) - This popular type of leadgen offer is a subscription method where someone adds their email address to your mailing list. However, a single opt-in connection means the user only needs to enter their email address, and they will continuously receive emails. They do not have to confirm their email for these subscription emails through another link, and they may not even realize they signed up for your mailing list. 

Email Submits DOI (Double Opt-in) - This leadgen subscription process occurs when a user signs up for an email list and then has to take an extra step to confirm the subscription via an email link. The user will be added to the mailing list only after they click the confirmation email.

Although it takes two steps, DOI opt-in email lists have benefits. You will reduce the number of spam email addresses added to your mailing list and have real people as potential customers receiving your subscription emails. Your mailing list may be smaller than using a single opt-in, but the average value of the subscriber will be much higher. In this case, the user wants to receive your subscription emails over time and proves it by confirming so through the second step. 

Long Form Lead Submit - This subscription option goes beyond entering an email (single opt-in) and confirming that email (double opt-in). Long form lead submits means the user enters their email, confirms it, and gives other information as well. For example, it could be a contact or registration form with name, age, address, and more. In some cases, you can have the user enter their credit card information. 

Best Traffic Sources for Leadgen


One of the most cost-effective marketing strategies guaranteed to create traffic to your website is email marketing. With over 4.2 billion users as of 2022, email is the preferred means of communication for 73% of millennials. Studies show that email generates higher traffic to websites at a faster rate compared to search engine optimization or search page ranking on Google.

Customers check their emails daily, which almost guarantees greater visibility for a marketing campaign. Besides that, emails are also easy to measure and track, and you can automate them without much difficulty and integrate other channels for lead gen.


With over 200 million sites, videos, and apps at their disposal, the Google Display Network (GDN) is a formidable collection of web real estate where ads can be displayed and viewed by millions of users perusing the internet. Tapping into its vast, global reach could increase traffic to your site, especially since it also has tools that allow marketers to track and predict the cost of promotional offers as well as target specific audiences. This feature is crucial to lead gen targeting local networks.

Push Notifications 

Push notifications’ evolution into a highly visible - and therefore potent - ad format has given it the kind of clout marketers chase to generate traffic. With high click-through rates and the ability to target millions of users locally down to the city level, it is one of the most effective ways to drive local traffic to websites and increase lead generation.

Native Ads 

Because of their organic design, native ads can blend into the specific context wherever you plant them, making them the marketing tool of choice for publishers wary of raising the ire of customers who hate intrusive ads. Therefore, pros praise native ads for their high retention rates and an increase in engagement of about 60%, making them an outstanding source of traffic for lead generation.   

Social Media 

With the ability to target highly specific consumers based on location, social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest can generate excellent traffic to websites that generate leads. These social media sites can gather demographic information that allows marketing campaigns to cater to specific audiences, a feature that lead gen business owners will find helpful when running paid offers as social media tools can target users.

Benefits of Partnering with Olavivo

Media partners looking to monetize their traffic will benefit greatly from partnering with established affiliate networks. With over eight-plus years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, Olavivo is at the top of the game. Having built meaningful relationships with a strong network of advertisers, media buyers, influencers, and affiliate marketers, Olavivo has the ability to offer great value to its partners, which include on-trend and top-converting worldwide offers, excellent payout rates, a dedicated affiliate manager and a fantastic referral program.

On top of that, Olavivo also provides flexibility in payment frequency, with weekly, biweekly, and monthly payout options. You can also receive payments through a variety of methods, including cryptocurrency. With live, real-time reports and thorough verification of publishers and advertisers, Olavivo partners can enjoy a hassle-free income stream through their lead gen websites. 

The following is a glimpse of what Olavivo brings to the table for its partners:

The Total Amount of Offers



English and Spanish


6+ GEOs

Average EPC

$0.80 - $1.1

Conversion Rate

10% - 25%


Cost Per Lead (CPL) 

Types of Verticals

Leadgen - Sweepstakes

Leadgen - Payday Loans

Leadgen - Surveys

Leadgen - Personal Loans

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