The most reliable anti-detect browser Gologin for affiliate marketing

It is impossible to solve any problem of multi-accounting without browser antidetect-browser. Traffic of arbitrage, work with cryptocurrencies, marketplaces, gambling, SMM and SEO require bypassing antifraud systems in our days. And, of course, the question arises “Which antidetect browser do you have to choose, so as not to overpay for marketing, and the tool solved its tasks?

At the moment, the browser market is replenished with new products every month, so it is almost impossible to test each one, especially when half of them are assembled from one image from plugins.

In this article, we analyze the already recognizable antidetect-browser GoLogin. What functionality is available, how much does it cost, and should you change your current antique?

Review of antidetect browser GoLogin :

The first mentions of Gologin appeared in 2019. And 2020 was the year of global technical updates that significantly upgraded its functionality and expanded its capabilities. At the moment, developers regularly release updates and introduce new features.

If you look at Gologin in 2022, it is much cheaper than the top solutions on the market, and it would seem that it offers almost identical functionality for work.

But, as it turned out, we are in for a few pleasant surprises:

-Unlimited free plan including 3 profiles.

-Free proxy for secure anonymous surfing and registration on sites with simple anti-fraud systems.

-Access to the account and launch profiles from any browser, without the need to install the application on the device.

-Android application for mobile devices.

And yes, these features are really fundamentally useful in many verticals and, at the moment, only exist in Gologin.

So the cost of 100 profiles for a month is only $49, and if you pay immediately for a year, there is a 50% discount - $24/month. 300 profiles - $99/mo. ($49 if paid annually), 1000 profiles - $199 ($99/month if paid annually).

The same number of profiles in other antidetect browsers costs more, sometimes twice as much: Indigo - €99 for 100, Octo Browser - €79 for 100, Dolphin Anty - $89 for 100.

The service offers a 7-day trial with full functionality, which will allow you to understand the browser is suitable for you or not, but there are definitely no problems with the same Facebook, Google. By the way, antique works on all platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android.

You can evaluate the benefits of GoLogin for free thanks to a 14-day trial period with the promo code AFFPAY

After installation, go to settings > Billings plan > Coupon

What about the Gologin affiliate program, it is 10% of all referral payments. You can get the link in the app. How stable it works, they did not have time to check, but they did not meet negative reviews.

As it turned out, the price is not the main advantage, but if you pay for a year, it turns out 3-4 times cheaper.

What does the functionality of GoLogin offer?

Gologin is not just a Chromium browser, it uses the maximum imitation of the real Google Chrome. Allows you to manage up to 10,000 profiles on a Custom plan with different access levels, there is a bulk import of accounts from stores.

In addition to the basic functionality - creating virtual profiles and replacing fingerprints - much attention is paid to usability and automation of routine processes so that the preparation and creation of profiles takes a minimum of time. Gologin has a @GoLessBot telegram bot that automates routine actions, such as: registering accounts, filling in captchas, watching videos, collecting profile cookies, parsing data from pages. Also, you can request additional automation features. The bot connects to the gologin account and works with profiles.

Over the last year, the following have already been implemented: quick profile setup, import / export of cookies and profiles, support for Android fingerprints, saving and restoring sessions, setting several start pages, sharing profiles with other users.

For 2022, the developers plan to install extensions in bulk, redesign teamwork, a new interface, emulation of human input, a cookie robot, and bulk import of cookies.

Pleasantly surprised by such features as changing the fingerpring profile in one click, the possibility of teamwork, anonymous storage of profiles in the cloud.

By the way, human input emulation, proxy bulk import, CookieBot, captcha input and Client Rects masking were implemented already in early February.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the browser has access to the API at any tariff, so there will be no problems with integrating it with other services. Developers accept requests for ideas to automate your tasks. They are integrated with many neural networks to achieve any automation goal. There is an API library and a help center with all relevant articles on working with the product.

In the API we found:

-npm package

-Selenium support

-Python library

Why do you need an antidetect Gologin browser?

Without exaggeration, an antique is a tool that is indispensable in most verticals of making money on the Internet.

Preventing possible risks when launching ads, working safely with multiple accounts on marketplaces, working with reputation, dropshipping, automating routine tasks, SMM, traffic arbitrage... You just need to dream a little.

If you work in a team and need to manage hundreds of accounts at the same time, each project participant will have access to them.

Getting started with Gologin or where to begin?

The first and most obvious steps are registering, downloading and installing a browser.

Let's go to the browser itself. The interface is quite simple and understandable. Select "create a new profile":

Operating system:

Connection type:

We pull the time zone according to the GEO connection:

Select the preset of the necessary extensions:

WebRTC settings:

GEOlocation settings:

Advanced settings of fingerprint if you need to create a profile with specific device data:

And the last , it is importing Cookies:

In general, it is enough to select the platform (under the OS you are working on), proxy, download cookies, and the rest will automatically be pulled up.

The crucial moment is to check the quality of the substitution of prints. We use several checkers to check the claim that the antique passes all the checks:

For convenient account management, you can create folders:

Each folder has its own access level. For example: farmers work with accounts until the bay, then we transfer the accounts to the storage of working accounts for the bay (or for a specific buyer), thereby minimizing the likelihood of data leakage.

The only limitation of the $49 tariff is the lack of team functionality: either trust all profile sharing between accounts, or upgrade to the next tariff :).

Of the useful things, there is a “Profile History” - you can restore versions of each profile, which helps to roll back the changes made:

Of the interesting features, there is an option to launch a profile in the cloud - in fact, launching a profile in a regular browser, and not in Orbita from Gologin:

As for the bulk import of accounts, everything is simple here:

What remains? It remains only to take a trial and independently test the browser for your tasks: does it bypass the necessary antifraud (if not, write what you are working with and check whether it is the case in the browser), are there any necessary additional features, is it convenient for you to work in the end (about habits not talking here).


You can evaluate the benefits of GoLogin for free thanks to a 14-day trial period with the promo code AFFPAY

Should I buy antidetect browser GoLogin?

If we talk about technical capabilities, then the browser can easily cope with the same Facebook, and according to the developers, it will solve any problem in the field of dropshipping, social networks and multi-accounting in general. You need to take and disassemble specifically for your tasks, since the trial allows you to do this and evaluate the possibilities without restrictions.

The pricing policy is the most loyal at the moment, if you pay immediately for a year, then the difference will be several times with similar solutions.

Can we say that this is the best browser on the market? Probably not, like any service. There are technical capabilities that all anti-detect browsers now have at about the same level (sufficient for solving any problems), and everything else is taste and usability features.

Of course, there are not many ready-made features for automation out of the box, but the open API does not forbid you to finish or request them from developers.

If we talk about the future, then the product is developing, new features are being released, and it is likely that something else interesting will be rolled out in the near future.

For large teams, browser costs are not so critical, but small teams and solo arbitrageurs can save a significant part of the costs.

You can evaluate the benefits of GoLogin for free thanks to a 14-day trial period with the promo code AFFPAY

After installation, go to settings > Billings plan > Coupon