Secrets of clickable creatives for dating offers

Dating is a very attractive sector for both experienced and novice media buyers. Traffic from any channels and geo can be used for offers with online dating services. The secret to success largely depends, of course, on your creatives. Well-thought-out advertising campaigns show excellent CTR, especially when combined with high-quality prelandings.

Useful tips and life hacks from TacoLoco experts!

  1. Use realistic photos in your ads. Creatives that depict people with perfect looks are less clickable. Some users don't believe they have any chances of hooking up with a model, while others simply don’t believe they exist on the given resource. Photos are the first thing a user will notice. Only then do they read the text, if at all.
  2. Think of a good text for your creative. It should be “lively”, intriguing and short. The title and description of the advertisement should focus on a close location, single status, and willingness to meet, etc.
  3. Use the icons from popular messengers and social networks to make the creative resemble a social network notification like Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp.
  4. Use spy services to take a look at competitors. You can draw inspiration from spy tools, but you don't just copy them blindly. Even the most successful creatives will sooner or later burn out. Analyze and improve them – this way you can outdo competitors and obtain more traffic.
  5. Create several advertising creatives for different target audiences. Although the boundaries between dating subverticals are gradually getting blurred, audience segmentation and personalization remain relevant. Launch creatives for the LGBT audience, lovers of body-positive women, etc. Don't forget about women, they want to date too.
  6. If you're channelling a specific offer, make sure that the creative and prelanding/landing page have photos of very similar people.
  7. The text should focus on the key "complaints" of the dating vertical's target audience: "Tired of being alone?", "Looking for a serious relationship?", "No one to talk to?", "Hard time meeting people offline"?
  8. Adapt creatives and prelandings to your local language. For multilingual geos, target the browser language if possible.
  9. Use upcoming events and symbolic dates: “St. Valentine's around the corner, and you've haven't got a better half? Find her here!", "Don't know who you're going to celebrate the New Year with? Come one in and choose!”
  10. Do not make the prelanding infinitely long. The users come here to meet someone, they don't want to read and answer questions.
  11. In advertising creatives, use emojis, as well as video and audio player icons. Imitating a voice message or video chat significantly increases the CTR.

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