Play.Partners: detailed overview of the partner network

Play.Partners is an international iGaming affiliate network that builds relationships with partners on the principle of win-win cooperation. 

Covers various GEO Tier-1, 2, 3, provides a wide range of sources, offers high rates and a transparent system of regular payments, works with large volumes of high-quality traffic and opens up opportunities to work with exclusive and profitable offers from direct advertisers.

What do you need to know about Play.Partners

Play.Partners has been on the market since December 2022 and shows rapid growth and potential. But despite the fact that the date of opening of the company is just over a year old, it is impossible to call them newcomers in the iGaming niche. 

The majority of the team consists of specialists with rich expertise in affiliate marketing, who have been working in the niche for more than 5 years. The background of the team is work in top companies specializing in different areas: media buying, affiliates, SEO-media, affiliate programmes and others. Therefore, the specifics of the market, the needs of the audience and partners are well known to the guys from Play.Partners.

Play.Partners is suitable for both those who already have experience in verticals and those who are just planning to work with gambling and betting. 

The guys have more than 500 offers available in the most profitable geos. According to statistics, the EU generates 67% of traffic in this vertical, and Latin America is growing very fast in this regard and has all chances to break into the leaders already in the next few years. 

Now the list of the most converting affiliate geos looks like this: ES, FR, IT, PL, BR, UK, CA, NO, CH.

Registration in the programme is semi-open - you are allowed into your personal account straight away, but the offers are opened on request. But this usually takes no more than 2 hours. 

They work with both: solo webmasters and teams. The main condition is high-quality traffic and large volumes. Fulfillment of these requirements opens access to exclusive offers and individual terms of cooperation. 

There are four payment models in the affiliate:

  • CPA - up to €400 (depending on GEO);

  • CPL - up to €40;

  • RevShare - up to 50%;

  • Hybrid - agreed individually.

Traffic from such sources as Facebook, PPC, ASO, In-App, SEO, Mailing, Influence, Streamers, Schemes is allowed.

BUT! Frod is strictly forbidden, i.e. anything that contains knowingly false information and harms the reputation of all participants in the affiliate chain.

Benefits of Play.Partners 

The main advantage of Play.Partners is the offer. There are a lot of them and they are oriented towards profitable GEOs. The Play.Partners team is regularly working on updating the offers, adding new products and countries.

For example, it's very popular right now: 

  • MegaWin EU - a new, fresh casino that is gaining popularity and showing good results.

  • MyEmpire IT FB - a very popular brand with good conversion rates and high demand.

  • SGCasino DE FB - a product with good perspectives

For webmasters there are good offers on favorable conditions, for example, without BL, from direct advertisers, high rates, regular payments 2 times a month, personalized strategies for traffic peculiarities. 

For advertisers Play.Partners offer large volumes and thorough quality control of traffic (including test drops), a large base of verified webmasters and their baiting, individual approach and transparency.

In addition, it is worth noting the support service. Its function is performed by a personal manager, who is assigned to each webmaster. If the web has any questions that are not directly related to the manager, he works together with an expert in this topic.

But, in general, Play.Partners managers close all questions that may arise in the process of work:

  • Terms and conditions on offers;

  • Updates/changes;

  • Feedback on quality;

  • Payouts;

  • Statistics;

  • Technical issues;

  • Help with payments etc. 

On working days, managers respond as quickly as possible (no longer than 3 hours). Outside working hours and weekends, the response may take a little longer, but managers are in touch in any case.

Among the tools available to webmasters are: 

  • Real-time statistics tracking;

  • Landing pages in the desired language on demand;

  • PostBack;

  • SubId.

In addition, Play.Partners is always ready to expand the base necessary for work on request. And in the plans – to launch applications and to develop their own base of creatives for driving traffic.

Registration and personal account 

To register in the affiliate network you will need to fill in quite usual information: company, mail, first and last name, password, phone number, Telegram or Skype.

After that, you will go straight to your personal account, where you will be offered a short tour of the basic functionality.

The personal account is easy to navigate, as it is user-friendly and intuitive. Besides, it has everything you need to work, analyze campaigns, track statistics in real time, withdraw funds and so on. 

For example: 

  • "Offers" tab contains all the available offers for you. Here you can adjust their number to be displayed and filter them by ID, traffic source, category and status.

  • "Clicks" tab contains information on clicks. There are many parameters: ID, geo, offerer, browser, OS and so on. All columns are customisable for display.

  • "Affiliate trackers" allow you to add a third party tracking link, a postback (for a specific offer / global) or an iFrame pixel.

  • "Smartlinks" create links that can redirect traffic from multiple lendings in different languages to suitable offserts depending on the IP address of the lead.

  • In "Data export" you can make data upload in CSV format on clicks, offers and conversions. You can set the time period, conditions and data type. After that, a report is generated.

How can you get a payout?

You can withdraw money from your personal cabinet from the "Billing" tab. The minimum amount for withdrawal is from 50 euros. Payouts occur from twice a month. The commission is taken by the affiliate network. There is no hold, if there are no questions about the quality of traffic. Money can be withdrawn via Wire Transfer, BTC, TRC20, ERC20 and other cryptocurrency wallets.


In order to make sure of all the advantages of working with Play.Partners not in words, but in deeds – register in the affiliate network and create iGaming history together with a team of professionals.