Olavivo Introduces the Hottest Affiliate Sweepstakes in the Industry

Looking for high-converting offers? Say hello to Olavivo’s new vertical: sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes are your best bet for streaming revenue in affiliate marketing. If you want to earn money, you can depend on Olavivo for top-converting sweepstakes, multiple payment methods, an awesome referral program, and unlimited positive energy! Keep reading to learn more about these interesting and enticing offers.

Why are sweepstakes so popular? Everyone likes to win something for free, no matter the industry. Even rich people want free stuff, so it’s an easy way to get new customers. Affiliates can take advantage of this century-old strategy and earn a commission from companies needing customer data.

What are sweepstake campaigns?

Sweepstake campaigns are similar to regular sweepstakes: random winners get a giveaway prize. In order to participate in a sweepstakes, everyone has to enter their name, email, phone number, and other info. One lucky person can get a popular prize, such as Apple products, shopping gift cards, travel offers, and more.

Even though just one person wins the prize, the company gains everyone’s data. Those who ‘lost’ don’t have to feel too bad because you never have to purchase anything to participate in sweepstakes. Since it’s free to enter sweepstakes, most people will join just for the luck of the draw. The more people you get to enter, the more commission you can earn as an affiliate from the advertiser.

In certain cases, the participants may have to download an app or something else free in order to enter their info. Then, the winner is selected from those who downloaded the app. That’s it!

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Most often, sweepstakes are so easy to convert that even newbie affiliate marketers can earn quickly. Even better? When you work with Olavivo, you can enjoy a very high conversion rate along with a hot payout.

Sometimes, sweepstakes require users to subscribe to a service, and these ones can be a bit harder to convert since it takes more effort than just entering an email. However, they are also of more value to the advertiser, meaning a higher payout for you!

How will you know which type of sweepstakes campaign you have? Olavivo offers three main types of sweepstakes.

Three types of sweepstakes at Olavivo.


Do you want those simple registration sweepstakes where the user has to enter some basic info? That’s SOI sweepstakes. Although it is the easiest type of campaign, it also offers a lower payout. However, you can still specify what data you want the user to input.


With a DOI sweepstakes campaign, the user will have to confirm in their email. You know, one of those emails that have you follow the link after you register. This type is a bit more challenging for the users to commit because there is an extra step involved. However, the payouts for DOI sweepstakes are higher than SOI ones.

CC Submit

A CC Submit sweepstakes are the hardest of the three main types. Why? Because it requires the user to subscribe to a service and enter the bank card info. Just as it sounds, this campaign is the most difficult. Of course, it is also the most profitable.

Olavivo sweepstakes campaigns are super sweet!

As an industry-leading affiliate network, Olavivo offers all three main types of sweepstakes. You can use SOI, DOI, and CC Submit sweepstakes with Olavivo. That way, you can target your audience with the best campaigns that suit them.

When you work with Olavivo, you get the best in the business because we cover more than 90+ countries in 10 languages.

Not only can you expect top-converting global sweepstake campaigns from Olavivo, but you can reap the benefits of numerous payment processing capabilities.

We have the ability to process across the following payment platforms:

  • International Wire
  • Local Wire / Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Crypto

Remember, Olavivo works with partners in 90+ countries in 10 languages. That means we have global coverage when it comes to payment processing.

How often do you want to receive payment? Olavivo offers a plethora of payout options, including:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

Plus, the minimum payout is $250, so you can get your money more often. Payment timeframe is available for Net7 only.

Please understand that commission and CPA rates are determined by your country/GEO and the quality of traffic. However, your payouts can reach $30 CPA (cost per acquisition/action) and $5 CPL (cost per lead).

Where can this lead?

You have the potential to earn streaming revenue just by inviting people to enter a sweepstakes where someone will actually win a valuable prize. There is a huge hype around new products, and when you have an informational occasion to introduce this product, make it a sweepstakes for a massive audience.

You should consider hype sweepstakes if you want an always-growing ROI while small failures decrease. Follow the calendar and the news for current events, holidays, and other opportunities so you can have a big payday.

However, do you know how to get people excited about it? Check out these classic approaches for introducing people to your sweepstakes campaign.

Ways to create a sweepstakes campaign.

You want to create a sweepstakes campaign. Great! Now what? First, choose the type of sweepstakes you want to do. Remember, Olavivo offers all three main types of sweepstakes, including SOI, DOI, and CC Submit.

Next, decide on traffic source and GEO. Facebook, push notifications, and email are all ideal outlets. One proven strategy for sweepstake campaigns involves showing the product on social media or to subscribers! For example, Black Friday is next week, and you have an Amazon gift card or a new iPhone. You explain the sweepstakes and let users do their thing.

Create pre-landers for your sweepstakes campaign. You know those pages that say, “You’re the 1000th visitor. You can win anything!” Well, they might actually be legit and feature sweepstakes from an affiliate marketer. Again, this approach is a bit dubious but can draw in potential customers for the company, earning you a commission.

Instead of making a flashy page look fake, ensure you have visual appeals and Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons, so people know what to do to enter the sweepstakes. Ensure your landing page has a fast loading time so it doesn’t seem phony.

Finally, test and optimize your sweepstakes campaign to get the best results over time. Once you perfect your strategies, you can enjoy streaming revenue as an affiliate marketer posting sweepstake campaigns.

Trust Olavivo to offer the hottest sweepstake campaigns.

You will level up your affiliate marketing game when you work with Olavivo. This industry-leading affiliate network hand-selects all of the advertisers and affiliates. Everyone must undergo a strict policy and compliance to ensure the highest security measures. When you work with Olavivo, you can count on on-time secure payments across multiple platforms. We convert traffic every single day, including sweepstakes offers in 90+ countries in 10 languages. Learn more about the benefits of being an advertiser or affiliate with Olavivo.