The race for awesome prizes is in full swing! We've watched how you've been running traffic to cheer yourselves up with valuable prizes before New Year's Eve for almost a month. And we are happy with the midterm results!

‼️If you haven't participated in our contest yet, it's time to start!

🔎Some details:

📅 From October 20 to December 20, 2022

🔹50+ FTDs - Aivix's big GiftBox with an updated collection of branded merch and unique souvenirs

🔹100+ FTDs - large GiftBox from Aivix + AirPods 3

🔹200+ FTDs - large GiftBox from Aivix + 512GB iPhone 14 Pro Max

🔹300+ FTDs - large GiftBox from Aivix + MacBook Pro 13, M2, 1TB

🔖 We accept any traffic sources from any GEOs and any offers.

Details are on our social networks. Our managers are always there to help with any questions! Not signed up with us yet? Follow this link and start working with the best financial AN - Aivix💙