New Merchant Account Affiliate Program Breaks the Rules! offers a proprietary, patent-pending marketing concept in the lucrative merchant account industry - which also offers a cutting-edge payout model unseen in the affiliate space. Super Affiliate, Kit Elliott, knows that affiliates like him are responsible for making many online companies successful. He's fed up with the way affiliates are treated, as more and more companies are dropping the same affiliates who helped build them. Kit's Recommendation: Affiliates need to promote opportunities like zCreditCards that pay a long-term residual income for work you do one time. Merchant Account Services rarely get cancelled. The merchant account industry is a growing $5.4 trillion dollar industry - generating billions in profits for the credit card and merchant account processing companies. zCreditCards has developed a new business model in the credit card processing industry that provides business owners the opportunity to capture a percentage of the commissions generated by their own credit card processing transactions. Every business that accepts credit and debit cards for payment will now be able to get 20% cash back on their merchant account fees. When a business switches their electronic payment services to zCreditCards, 2 things happen: 1. They match their current credit card processing rates exactly. There are no additional fees. 2. The business owner is sent a rebate check for 20% of the commissions on their credit card processing fees - every month. Business owners keep their original credit card processing equipment, software, or CRM. And they still get 24/7 customer service. Nothing changes for the business owner - except that they can now participate in the monthly flow of commissions generated by their account. Merchant Account Affiliate Program When you join this merchant account affiliate program, you can get paid a residual income as you refer business owners to this no-cost service. Affiliates are paid a percentage of the commissions on the monthly merchant account fees - on every transaction processed by the business owner. Refer a business owner to this free "cash back" service - and you can get paid every time that business processes a credit or debit card for payment. And these fees are paid to the referring affiliate every month, for as long as the business owner uses this service. Since businesses need a merchant account to process credit cards, your one-time referral can pay you a monthly residual income for years, even decades. Additionally, affiliate can refer other affiliates to the company - and get paid a monthly residual on the businesses they refer to this service. The more affiliates you refer, the more businesses you can get paid a monthly residual income on. That means you get paid on potentially hundreds, even thousands of accounts as you build your Affiliate Network. This offer is unique to the electronic payment processing industry and patent-pending. This merchant account affiliate program gives you a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity to cash in on the lucrative, multi-trillion dollar merchant account industry. Sign up for the zCreditCards free affiliate program - and you can tap into the billions of dollars being made in this massive and growing industry. Even though the affiliate marketing concept developed by this company is new and patent-pending, the credit card processing company behind the scenes has over 30,000 clients and processes over $6 billion a year in credit and debit card transactions.They provide free marketing tools, training videos and webinars, and ample affiliate support. Most importantly, they pay residual income on time, every time. If you're looking for a real residual income opportunity, this is the affiliate program you've been looking for. Whether you are a seasoned Affiliate Marketing professional, or brand new to the Affiliate Marketing industry, zCreditCards will provide you the tools and training to start generating a serious and stable secondary or primary source of residual income. Join now, start promoting this free service to the millions of business owners who would love to get "cash back" on their credit & debt card transactions, and you'll be rewarded with a "recurring" affiliate commission for the life of each referred account. Stop working so hard. Start working smarter as an affiliate so you'll be rewarded for years to come. Visit - Click on Affiliate Tour - and Create Your Free Account.