Neogara affiliate program review

Neogara is a popular affiliate program that launched in 2020 and that continues to keep the interests of its users in mind to this very day. Currently, the platform offers over 100 types of offers with almost any payment model and any sort of traffic. The few taboos include motivated and fraudulent traffic – the affiliate program aims to keep its cooperation with webmasters honest and that’s the traffic-driving requirement this service puts forward.

As for its list of advantages, this is but the beginning и later on we’ll cover all the pros of Neogara as well as the reason why you definitely should try working with this affiliate system.

General info

To start with, Neogara maintains traffic flows from over 100 GEOs all over the world and can provide even more options of offers from the most popular and profitable corporate giants.

Even when the market and the world in general has seen better times, the payouts are to absolutely any payment systems with minimal charges and maximum processing speed. Speaking of, to leave a withdrawal request for the funds you earned, you just need to pass the $100 threshold, so even affiliate marketing newbies will be able to easily withdraw the summs they need.

As for the specifics of Neogara’s activities, the company was formed on the basis of its own media buying section, which already had serious affiliate marketing experience, specifically - in the cryptocurrency vertical. For over 5 years, it has been gaining experience and has finally matured into its own affiliate network, which works primarily for its users.

High payouts, no hold, access to private offers for the most active affiliates and much more – All this is now available to everyone. More details about other advantages of the service in the next section!

Affiliate advantages

Let’s start by clarifying that by “high payouts” we don’t mean a couple hundred dollars, but rather $350-1,300 for practically every GEO and this is far from the highest payout that you can secure with Neogara.

As was earlier mentioned in the affiliate program review, it provides maximum opportunities for active users. So, if you constantly drive traffic through this platform, then on a completely free basis you will be able to:

  1. Get ready-made apps for ad campaigns for UAC, Facebook, TikTok or even Unity.
  2. Take part in personal promotions and receive guaranteed prizes on a regular basis.
  3. Get rid of hold earlier than ordinary users are able to.

As for more general points, the site has 24/7 professional tech support with its own call center. You can ask your questions via corporate email, online chat or explain the situation personally by phone - convenient, isn't it?

How to become a partner of a crypto affiliate program?

We all value our time and the Neogara affiliate system understands that clearly, which is why to become a partner, all you’ll need to do is fill out a short form, verify your email and get to work with your first offer. The form consists of the e-mail address itself, a password, brief information about yourself and the email verification itself.

After that, you just need to wait a little and in around an hour, a personal manager will contact you and provide you with access to your account and answer any traffic-driving related questions you might have.

What’s next?

Immediately after gaining access to your account, you become able to use most of the affiliate program’s features. The homepage contains info on launched ad campaigns, the money you spent and made, as well as the top offers that are the most relevant currently. You can also find the contact info of your personal manager there:

Next, we recommend you study the “Offers’ tab, where you can find all the available and verified offers. Click on any of them and you can easily get acquainted with the terms of each promotional offer. If you are looking for something more specific, then before studying the offers, set some filters by GEO, name or language.

Once you start working, be sure to check the “Statistics” section - there you will find the results of your efforts. If you wish, you can view reports on past campaigns, confirmed and rejected leads, or easily sort all your ad campaigns by CR, subs or GEO.

And of course, we note the most important section - "Payments". Here’s where you’ll find general info about your income, about how much funds still need to be confirmed and how much can you withdraw immediately. If you want, in addition to driving traffic, you can profit from attracting referrals - you can find more detailed info regarding the list of attracted webmasters, about the program conditions and your income in the “Referral Program” section.

If, while working with the affiliate program, you run into any problems, feel free to contact tech support – we already covered the ways to do it earlier on.

Offers and GEOs

For the most part, Neogara lets affiliates work with crypto offers, since they are the basis of the entire affiliate system. But if you want, you can work with whatever advertising offer. Nutra, gambling, betting and any other verticals are also immediately available.

At the same time, the full list of offers is updated once a quarter - some promotional offers remain relevant and available, some lose their popularity, and some, on the contrary, are just starting to be in great demand. In any case, only the options personally verified by the Neogara buying department make their way into the pool.

The same goes for affiliate marketers, with the only exception being that you might need to get manual manager confirmation before being able to drive traffic to private offers. As for the payout models, the program uses 3 different ones – CPA (payment for a made deposit), CPL (payment for lead generation) and CGR (payment at a predetermined conversion rate).

Payouts and bonuses

Finally, let's discuss in more detail the way funds are paid out and the bonus system the website features.

Currently, Neogara provides its users with the ability to withdraw funds to USDT, Visa, MasterCard, WireTransfer, PayPal, QIWI, Capitalist, Payoneer, Yandex Money. Withdrawal of funds is carried out upon request and has practically no restrictions, except for new partners - a 7 day hold, but it can also be bypassed much earlier if you secure deposits in your first days of work.

As for the bonus system, as mentioned earlier, it depends on how active the affiliate is. The more deposits you secure, the more expensive the prizes that you can win in contests. Moreover, especially active webmasters not only get the opportunity to participate in the event, but are also guaranteed to receive gifts from the platform.

The affiliate system also includes the Neogara Club – a closed community of experienced affiliate marketers, where people share experiences of their successes, discuss upcoming market trends and give each other useful traffic-driving tips. Even the very fact of being part of the Neogara Club provides a ton of advantages – bonuses from affiliate marketing services, free mobile apps, cases straight from Neogara’s media buying section and free tickets to top-tier affiliate marketing events.

Summing up

Neogara is an excellent affiliate program with lots to offer both experienced affiliates and novice webmasters. The website supports hundreds of offers and works with just as many GEOs, offers great pay rates and fast payouts. Feel like trying out driving traffic to crypto offers? Then you know what to do!