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MyCpaLead is the new affiliate program for expert marketers with the mission to make affiliates earn as much money as possible. It’s easy like that. No tricks. As affiliates ourselves we understand that conversion is paramount and the payout is the key factor. Allow us to introduce you to the future of affiliation today .

All affiliates would agree that a person who clicks a link from a chat bubble does not convert the same as someone clicking a banner ad. So, we are rolling out a whole new level of intelligence to our Smartlinks that now looks at traffic type.

After analyzing traffic sources, we realized that traffic specific to different browsing flows were behaving in a unique way. Traffic coming from pop-unders did not have the same purchase behavior as banner based traffic. We wanted to offer a new lean layer of personalization by optimizing for traffic specific to these entry flows.

Our Smartlinks will now take flow into account when pointing traffic to an offer. Our first rollout is on our Adult Smartlink Dating links.


1. When Do I Get My Payout?

We pay weekly with no hold period. Payouts go out every Wednesday(16:00-24:00 UTC+3) for sales generated during the previous week (Monday-Sunday). Our minimum payout threshold is $50 and we normally pay to your Webmoney.. When you reach the payout threshold for the first time, please contact our support team with your payment details. All further payments will be posted automatically to the same account, according to our schedule and rules. Please note that we can't make payout if you have not reached threshold of $50.

2. Why Do I Only See One Link In "Smartlinks"?

We have one smartlink for all offers (currently more than 10,000) in each vertical (Dating, Casual Dating, Mainstream, Crypto, Gambling, Gay Dating, Cams, Male Enhancement). RoboPollo™, our unique traffic optimization algorithm, redirects each user to a particular offer, depending on certain characteristics (such as device, country, etc). This ensures optimal performance and maximizes earnings for our affiliates.

3. Why Do I Get Different Payments For The Same Country?

Payouts often vary depending on the user profile (Mobile, Desktop, OS, Device, etc.). Of course rates in general can also change from time to time.

4. What About Countries Which Are Not On The List?

Generally, we accept traffic from all countries. Because offers and their performance can change daily, the rates may also vary, especially for certain countries. We suggest you send some test traffic to experiment with rates for unlisted countries.

5. Is Reporting Real Time?

Yes, generally reports are updated in real time, but from time-to-time a small delay is possible.

6. Decrypting Values From The Reports Section

Hits - user clicked your link and came to the prelanding page Uniques - unique users from hits Clicks - user pressed the button on the prelanding page and switched to the final offer Conversions - leads (registrations / mobile subscriptions / cc submits) Ratio - clicks/conversion EPC2 - revenue/clicks.

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