Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform is emerging as a cost-effective solution to create your Affiliate Network and Boost Your Profit

Mindtech has emerged as a very interesting player in the field of affiliate tracking software or performance marketing platforms. You can maximise your profit by saving 70% on tracking costs. You may be using has offers (by Tune) , Cake , Scalo , Trakier, Affise ,Everflow etc currently. You are going to get almost all similar functionality, even more, with Mindtech. If, for any reason, any functionality is missing, you can report it at any time. The Mindtech team is going to work on that and deliver it in 10 to 20 days on priority. The great thing is that they don’t charge extra for it. Even any new function that is not implemented in any system can help the masses in the affiliate marketing tracking industry. The Mindtech Team is eagerly waiting for your feedback. Click here to visit the website of Mindtech Performance marketing Platform. Even you can reach them on skype- mindtech.sales (skype is the best way to reach) team Mindtech.

According to Team Mindtech, the product is built for Affiliate Networks ,Agencies ,Advertisers, Media buyers , eComerce companies , Affiliates. One solution for different uses, the Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform, simulates this.


Affiliate Networks / Agencies

Networks or Agencies can manage their Affiliates , Advertisers, Offers, and conversion tracking seamlessly .

Ecommerce Companies 

ecommerce businesses can start their own Affiliate program and take leads  from Affiliates and Networks.


Affiliates can keep track of their media sources, like fb and Google, and only spend on those that are more profitable.

Media buyers or Advertisers 

Media buyers or Advertisers from any vertical can keep track of profitable sources and manage their costs and revenue

Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform is equipped with great advantages, and that's the reason you should give it a try. The trial is absolutely free for 30 days. These are the main reasons to try Mindtech. Click here to request Free 30 days trial.

Dependable infrastructure

They Understand that you need an infrastructure on which you can depend fearfully for your Performance Marketing Platform. That's why they have collaborated with Google Cloud (GC) , OVH, and a few other well-known brands. To deliver a reliable, scalable, and effective Tracking System with 99.99% global uptime. Quality is the Key attribute for Mindtech Tracker. Click here to contact Team Mindtech .

Amazing 24*7 Support 

Support is one of the best advantages of using the Mindtech System.You can get unlimited support until your job is done.They don't charge extra for support, which is a great thing and part of our service.They empower our 24*7 support with the help of various platforms like email, phone, Skype, video tutorials, and Anydesk-based remote support. You will be assigned a dedicated manager, and you can reach him in case of any issues.

Dedicated Manager Throughout The process 

Their Dedicated manager is going to take care of your smooth on boarding. With the help of KT (Knowledge Transfer Sessions) via Team Viewer, tutorial video, or Skype chat, the good thing is we don't charge anything extra for this support. their competitors either charge an extra amount for a dedicated manager or have included this in their rocketing prices.

Free Custom development  

As described above, the team has a hunger for great functionality. If they get any suggestions from the customer end, that can make their product better for the mass market. They listen properly, act on it, and deliver on priority and timely deadlines without charging extra. This is really helping them make the Mindtech software stronger day by day, according to Team Mindtech.

User-friendly interface

A very unique and user-friendly GUI and affiliate tracking software with an intuitive interface cater to marketers of all levels of experience. You want a dashboard that is easy to navigate and provides an overview of your progress. If the learning curve is steep, it can counter your productivity.

Easy Integration

Mindtech supports S2S postback, iframes, and image pixels that enable them to integrate with any system. You can integrate your tracker with others without any hassle. It’s essential for a seamless marketing strategy from beginning to end.

Fraud detection

Software supports many great options to prevent fraud. like blocking the same IP conversion, blocking proxy and bots, and blocking duplicate clicks on an offer. 3rd party integration for known fraud prevention tools


Last but not least, in this recession, pricing is also playing an important role in survival and increasing productivity and profit. The tracking systems like  has offers(By Tune) , Cake , Scalo , Trakier, Affise ,Everflow . They are very expensive. They charge a huge amount as their tracking cost. If there is an alternate solution available for free evaluation, You must evaluate their potential. They don't charge anything during their free 30-day trial. Even no credit cards were asked for a trial. Mostly, they have three official plans listed on their website.


Starter: Click-Based Plan, which starts at 30$

a conversion-based plan that starts at $60

Conversion Platinum, which starts at 120$


You can talk with them if your requirements are huge or custom. They will love to work on your custom plan.

Click here to visit pricing plan of Mindtech Performance marketing Platform

Very functional software and deep orientation

The functionalities of the software are one of the main reasons to try it. They are equipped with great functions. These are some of them.


Custom domain, Brand Customization ,

Whitelabled Solution

Multi-tracking domain


 Multi Payout models

Advanced Targeting

Smart link

Two-way affiliate API,

Free offer sync

Smart email and template management,

Fraud protection tools,

Premium GUI

Advanced Reporting Options

Complete employee permission management

Free customized app domain eg: accounts.yourdomain.com,

Free SSL for tracking and app domain.

Let's discuss these options in detail and talk more about this function, which makes Mindtech Performance marketing software a unique tracking system and provides detailed orientation.

Custom domain and brand customization: You can use your domain, like Network.Yourdomain.com instead of xxxx.mindtechworld.com , Apart from that, you can have colour customization throughout the software to make your brand reflect in your tracking system.

Whitelabled Solution: The Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform is a completely whitelabled solution. You can utilize the power of Mindtech at the backend, and the world will never know that. That’s a great beauty of Mindtech Performance marketing platform; managing an in-house system is not easy with a constant update in functionality. You can focus on your core business, and Team Mindtech will do the tech part of it.

Multi-tracking domain: You can set up a multi-tracking domain in your tracking system that will prevent you from being blacklisted, and you can even have options for your affiliates.


Multi-Currency Support: You can have multiple currencies in your campaign, like USD in one offer and EUR in another. Mindtech Performance Marketing Software supports almost all currencies possible. You can add as many as you want.

Advanced Targeting: You can target your offer for a particular country or state without any issue.

Smart link: You can have one link for multiple offers. That will enable you to show different offers that are suitable based on geography and other shorting mechanisms.

Two-way affiliate API: Your affiliate can get tracking system data using the API in different applications without any issue; they can apply campaigns and get all affiliate-related data for their application using the API.

Free offer sync: You can bring offers from other systems like HasOffer, Offer18, OffersLook, Tracker, etc. using their API. You need to just configure the API and get the offers there. Normaly, other providers charge for the offer sync. Mindtech Performance Marketing Platform doesn’t charge additional fees for it.


Smart email and template management: Smart email template management for transactional email even has the option of creating a custom email template that can be loaded in the mail room and sent further from there. Normally, a custom email template can be used for additional notifications that are not transactional.

Fraud protection tools: fraud prevention options like blocking the same IP conversion, setting the minimum conversion time, blocking duplicate clicks, and integrating third-party fraud prevention tools that can help in blocking bots and proxy. The operation can be done in real time based on the configuration.

Premium GUI: With a very unique GUI and colorful interface, you can customize the colors of the interface easily without any issue within a few clicks.

Advanced Reporting Options: Various advanced reports with real-time data support related to the performance of offers, conversions, clicks, and duplicate clicks

Complete employee permission management: only show the data to your employee that is required. Super Admin, Custom Admin and Affiliate Manager. These are three different employee categories available; you can purely customize Custom Admin and show only the options that you want.

 Click here to connect Team Mindtech , even you can reach them on skype-  mindtech.sales (skype is the best way to reach)  team Mindtech.