Leading Cryptocurrency Offer Spytool Analyzed.ai Is 0$ This Week for Affpaying Members

This week the FB intelligence tool company Analyzed.AI is making a ridiculous offer and giving away their tool for FREE for Affpaying members.

If you are interested, please submit your information here: https://analyzed.ai

What is Analyzed.AI?

Analyzed.ai is a leading crypto-focused Facebook intelligence tool. It is able to detect Cryptocurrency advertisements on FB, uncloak their landing pages and upload everything to one place for your convenience. You get the ad, landing page, targeting, affiliate network used and a lot more!

The users of analyzed.AI are super-affiliates who want to take guesswork out of the media-buying and focus on ads that are proven to work. It is also useful for those making custom offers and funnels as they can source new ideas from the tool (although these custom funnels will also end-up on analyzed.AI) 

How is Analyzed.AI better?

The spytool continuously measures its performance compared to other industry-leading spytools in order to make sure that it is the best-performer.

Take a look at the below table comparing us to the second-best FB Spytool:

Who is behind the offer?

Analyzed.AI is a private spytool previously not available to the public due to a strict requirement for traffic quality. It is owned and developed by the exclusive cryptocurrency network CLICKMATE.IO which provides affiliates with unique offers, highest converting campaigns, intelligence tool Analyzed.AI, account and payment solutions.

So for this week only you can receive a 600$ gift and join a spytool membership for free. Note that as an added bonus select few applicants will also receive invites to the exclusive affiliate network clickmate.io and be given free social advertising accounts to scale their traffic.

If you are interested, please submit your information here: https://analyzed.ai

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