Is The Dojo the new place for masterminds to come together?

The DojoMany people in the CPA world know CPAFix as one of the most beneficial and enjoyable affiliate marketing forums online. While the forum is extremely valuable for those who are involved with CPA, they've taken things another step further by releasing a private section that they formally refer to as "The Dojo." Inside of the Dojo, members are given access to exclusive guides, networking opportunities with proven leaders within the CPA realm, and many other types of learning opportunities.   Before you get carried away, you're not going to see people flying at you in the air and landing so that they can take you out with a spinning back kick. Computers haven't come to the point of being that realistic just yet. Now that you've been stopped from trying to run out the door so you don't get floored with a spinning back kick by a guy in a ninja outfit, let's go ahead and take a close look at the findings of our comprehensive Dojo review. You've waited long enough, so it's time to see whether or not this addition to CPAFix truly lives up to all of the hype that's been surfacing lately.  

What's inside of The Dojo?

If it were to be summed up in one sentence, one might say that The Dojo has a plethora of money-making blueprints that are easy to comprehend. However, there comes a time when some things deserve a little bit more detail than one sentence can provide. With that in mind, the top features have been listed for you below.

  • The Basics Explained Simplistically There are a lot of beginners trying to get their feet wet when it comes to making money online with CPA. The folks behind the scenes of The Dojo have made sure that this isn't forgotten. They have covered every single thing that you can think of in regards to the basic steps. Not to mention, they've provided images to ensure that their members are easily able to grasp the concepts that are presented to them.

  • Exclusive Case Studies Case studies aren't only fun to witness, but this is also how many of the industry leaders have discovered new tactics that produce tremendous results. Dojo members are able to witness exclusive case studies that are only shared within this private section of the CPAFix community, making it possible for them to learn things that only industry experts used to have the opportunity to become exposed to.

  • Guides that Contain Proven Money-Making Tactics Not only does The Dojo cover all of the basics and provide valuable case studies, but there are also tons of step-by-step guides on how you can make money using tactics that have been proven to yield successful results. The only limit on how much you can achieve from this one benefit is your imagination. Oh, and your determination to put these tactics to work for you, but you've probably already figured that one out on your own.

  • Access to Resources Only Available to Dojo Members From elegant landing pages to tools that can deliver power to your campaigns, a Dojo membership includes access to resources that nobody else has access to. While they could have charged an arm and a leg for these resources, they decided to be generous and make this another powerful benefit of Dojo membership.

  • How much does membership to The Dojo cost? The price is a lot less than other products and courses that cover affiliate marketing since it only costs $97 for a lifetime membership. It's definitely not even close to being as high as the $200 per month price tag that other private forums usually charge. This just means that you'll have more money to spend making your campaigns profitable. It's also quite easy to see that the environment over at The Dojo is one where the people who made it possible want to make money with you, instead of balling by making as much money as possible from you.

  • Is The Dojo really worth joining? Absolutely, the value is what you'd expect from the higher-end offerings in the affiliate marketing industry and the price can't be beat. While it may seem cheap due to the low price of a lifetime account, the quality that's provided is what makes The Dojo one of the best ways to make the most of your campaigns. It's actually quite clear that they could charge a lot more, but their generosity is something that works to your advantage.

You can sign up for The Dojo by clicking here. There have been some things heard about how they're going to start limiting memberships, so you'll want to make sure that you're one of the ones that's able to take advantage of what it has to offer.