Interview with Patryk Hoffmann, CEO of MyLead

From a 3-person company to an affiliate network winning the greatest awards in the industry. All this in 6 years. How is this possible? Patryk is the head of MyLead, who, without previous experience in affiliate marketing, built a company of several dozen people. Today the network is growing at a dizzying pace. It's noticed by publishers, partners, and competitors! They have won many prestigious awards and distinctions, including winnings at Affbank, AffiliateFix, AffNext, and Conversion Club.

How long have you been involved in affiliate marketing?

I have been involved in this industry since 2014. Although a few good years have passed, it still seems to me as if it was yesterday. It is safe to say that I have made a milestone in terms of affiliate marketing over that time.

How has the affiliation developed in Poland over the last few years?

Affiliate marketing in Poland started mostly with SMS payments, and so did we. Today, however, it looks completely different. Currently, Poland is becoming an attractive market for advertisers. People are increasingly aware of what an affiliate network actually is. The availability of affiliate programs has also changed. Nowadays, there are so many of them that everyone will find something for themselves.

What advice would you give to people who are just taking their first steps in affiliate marketing?

Patience and practice are of utmost importance in affiliate marketing. It is worth using the potential of AB tests that clearly indicate which solution is more cost-effective. I also advise not to focus on one campaign but to test different possibilities. Also, it is not worth limiting yourself to one affiliate network. Rakuten research shows that 94% of publishers earn in more than one affiliate network, therefore, if you haven't tried it yet, I encourage you to try MyLead.

If despite the failures, you are striving to achieve your goal and don't give up, then I am sure that you will be successful in affiliate marketing. Every publisher should learn to analyze their actions but also have the opportunity to learn from the best. MyLead helps publishers to achieve success by publishing valuable and substantial content available on the company's blog. In this way, we help the users to overcome obstacles that we passed a long time ago. We also started recording video tutorials on YouTube.

How can users interested in working with MyLead contact you?

Our support is available 24 hours a day, and we respond there as quickly as possible. Users can also contact us by email: SUPPORT@MYLEAD.GLOBAL or through social media.

What is your plan for the further development of MyLead?

Just in case I don't want to share too many details. Recently, we have entered a new market - Bulgarian. Of course, this is not the first foreign market we have entered into, and we plan to conquer more. Besides, we want to extend the offer of affiliate programs and introduce new solutions to the publisher's panel, which will help users monetize their online activities.

Lately, we have released new content lockers that allow publishers to block access to the given part of the website. For example, it can be access to some premium content or a file. Everyone who wants to use the blocked content must perform at least one action from the list. For the publishers, it means profit. Additionally, we are working on further development of our applications.

What is your greatest success?

That's a tough question! I think that my greatest success is building a company without subsidies or other public funds. Besides, I am really proud that I managed to create a team of almost 30 people who work with great commitment to the success of the company.

There are many affiliate networks on the market. Why is it worth choosing MyLead?

We provide our publishers with our own solutions and tools that they won't find anywhere else. Besides, our publishers always receive money on time, and the withdrawal usually takes only 48 hours. It is also important that the MyLead offer includes campaigns that allow earning large amounts of money, and this is what affiliate marketing is all about. We are also aware that publishers may need our help even at the least expected moment. It means that our publishers are never left on their own.

Is it possible for a company to operate in times of pandemics and global problems?

As you can see from our example, it is possible! Of course, many companies have experienced significant decreases, and some of them have even declared bankruptcy. As an affiliate network, we give people a chance to make money, and it has been noticed in times as difficult as today. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the group of our publishers has grown significantly. I can safely say that the coronavirus did not disrupt the functioning of our company. In fact, the only thing that has changed is that we work from home - it is simply safer.

Increase of 217% during coronavirus. How is it possible that you have achieved such an increase?

As I mentioned earlier, some of the companies went bankrupt, and as a result, people lost their jobs. Many of them started looking for a new source of income on the Internet and thus found us, the MyLead affiliate network. Besides, many of our new publishers are young people, often students, who decided to try their hand at affiliate marketing during the quarantine. Therefore, the growth at this level is mainly due to our publishers.

Finally, what would you like to say to Affpaying readers?

Well, first of all, I'd like to thank everyone who read this interview from beginning to end. It may mean that the subject of affiliate marketing has become interesting for them, and I hope they will want to learn more about it. I invite everyone to join the adventure of making money with affiliate marketing and MyLead!

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