Interview with Mike Williams of Ring Partner

Mike WilliamsWe're very excited to present our 70th interview withMike Williams of Ring Partner (sign up now).  

1. Firstly, for those who may not be aware of who you are, give us a little introduction to yourself.

I am the Network Manager at, a pay per call performance marketing network. I am responsible for the day to day management of our network, including managing advertisers and publishers and our internal team's traffic. Outside of work I am the father of 3 kids and I've been married for nearly 10 years. I live with my family in Victoria, BC, Canada.  

2. How did you get involved in affiliate marketing? What/Who inspired you to enter it?

In college I took an eBusiness course, which is now just called business, but that's what got me interested in online marketing and eventually affiliate marketing. I started working at a prominent affiliate network based here in Victoria, in 2006. I worked in a number of different areas of the company, managing web properties, paid search and other forms of affiliate marketing. I really enjoy the industry and the speed at which business is done.  

3. What accomplishments so far are you the most proud of? When did you first "hit the big time"?

I'm probably most proud of overcoming so many failures and turning them into successes. I've continued to apply my ability to overcome the fear of failure to learn and grow from it, which has led to some great successes. I first hit the big time when I hit $1,000 in profit daily on some of my first search marketing campaigns.  

4. What is pay per call? How it works? What is the concept behind it?

Pay per call is a method of marketing that allows publishers to get paid per call generated for an advertiser. We use Ring Revenue, so publishers are assigned tracking phone numbers from the Ring Revenue system which they can then use to promote the campaign and track their sources of traffic. We can then track the publishers' performance as well. The beauty of pay per call is that it generates a direct connection between users and call centers, which leads to good quality leads and early detection of fraud or poor quality calls.  

5. Tell us a little bit about Ring Partner and what you do over there?

Ring Partner is a pay per call performance network and we have partnered with HasOffers and Ring Revenue to manage our publishers, advertisers and tracking phone numbers. I oversee everything here at Ring Partner, managing advertisers, publishers, campaigns, tracking and service delivery.  

6. There are several pay per call affiliate networks out there already, what makes Ring Partner unique?

Our commitment to quality, service and communication with all of our partners.  

7. What advices would you offer to an affiliate who is looking to make some serious cash with pay per call? What are the top 3 most critical elements to run a successful pay per call campaign?

Contact me at [email protected] or add me on AIM/Skype - RingPartnerMike and I'll help you learn more about pay per call and how to set up a campaign with the best chance of success. Three critical elements are the traffic source, needs to be a quality source, campaign conversion, what is the duration/region/key presses etc., and payout, can you purchase traffic at the payout rate?  

8. What are the top converting niches at Ring Partner? What niches, from your experience are the best to run with pay per call marketing?

Home Security, Matchmaking and Auto Insurance are currently doing well. Pay per call is different and there are some unique campaigns. Insurance, Travel, Home Services, Education, and Financial do well in pay per call.  

9. What is the one thing you love about your job as an affiliate network manager and what is the one thing you hate the most?

It's one thing for both, change. The only constant in this industry is change and you need to be adaptable and prepared for change. I love it because it keeps me on my toes and interested, but I hate it because sometimes changes kills some of my profitable ventures.  

10. What are your goals for 2013?

To establish Ring Partner as the pay per call performance marketing network.  

11. What industry conferences do you usually attend, and which is your favorite?

I've been to Ad Tech, Affiliate Summit and Leadscon. They were all good, but I think Affiliate Summit is the most relevant and best value.  

12. What are your hobbies/interests/passions? What is your dream car?

When I'm not working or at the gym, I'm spending time with my family. I'm not much of a car guy, I have an SUV and a minivan, I'm living the dream!  

13. Thanks a lot for this interview, we really appreciate it. If there is anything else you would like to say to the readers of now is the time!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to contact me for any questions and sign up to get started in pay per call. Sign up - Follow Us -,  

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