Interview with Anna Gita, CEO and Head of MaxWeb

Anna is the CEO and head of MaxWeb, the fastest growing affiliate network in the world. MaxWeb is dominating the industry thanks to really CARING about its affiliates. Without any previous experience in Affiliate Marketing, Anna built a 7 figure business from scratch and became one of the best known names in our industry.

1. Hello Anna, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from?

Absolutely! Born and raised in Europe (Romania), moved to the US at 19. Lived in Pennsylvania for several years then moved to California. Relocated back to Europe a couple years back and I love it here.

2. How did you get into the affiliate marketing industry? What inspired you to start an affiliate network?

It all happened by chance. I happened to start a conversation with Mike Peters through a common friend. Mike is a veteran in the industry, my mentor and one of the most brilliant people I know. Although I have a degree in Marketing I knew very little about Affiliate Marketing, to be honest! As soon as I learned about the industry I was fascinated by the opportunities presented. I saw the need in the marketplace for an agency / network that will always put the needs of the affiliates first, so MaxWeb came to life.

3. Tell us a little bit about MaxWeb and what you do over there?

About us highlights:

  • Offers that convert well on Facebook, GDN, RevContent, Outbrain, MGID, and Gemini.
  • Owned and exclusive offers.
  • Weekly payouts by default and 3 times a week for affiliate partners which is a big reason affiliates choose to work exclusively with MaxWeb.
  • MaxWeb offers creatives, swipes and resources that work.
  • Impeccable tracking where each sale is clearly tracked in real time.
  • Great reporting tools to track all visits and CR.
  • Dedicated Skype groups and exclusive offers.

4. What’s the secret strategy behind the tremendous growth of MaxWeb? And what are the biggest challenges you usually face?

MaxWeb has the best converting VSL offers in the industry, the fastest response times and the most friendly affiliate managers, who will bend over backwards to help affiliates crush it. I believe the secret is that we always prioritize the needs of the affiliates.

5. There are already so many affiliate networks out there. What makes MaxWeb unique from its competitors?

We have a technical background, we understand the needs of the affiliates, we pay weekly like clockwork AND we are always around to help - prompt and responsive. We always deliver campaigns that convert very well because we always test them internally so by the time we present them to the affiliates we know they are great - and I am certain this gives us a unique competitive edge.

6.What verticals does your network specialize in? What kind of offers are performing well on your network?

We specialize in Health, Fitness and Ecomm. Supplements and Digital offers - mainly VSLs!

7. What are the criteria for an affiliate marketer to be accepted at MaxWeb?

An affiliate marketer needs to have 2 industry references in order to be accepted onto MaxWeb. If he/she is new we need proof of website ownership or proof that he is working with other networks and has sales. We want to ensure is a good fit both ways - I recently recorded a video explaining this:

8. For those who are interested in working with you and your affiliate network - What's the best way/time to reach you?

Skype and Email are best! Email is [email protected] and Skype is live:affiliates_175

We also have a live Chat on our contact page on our website or you can ping us on Facebook @maxwebaffiliatenetwork

We conver both the European and US 9-5 time zones.

9. Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out with affiliate marketing?

Work harder than anyone you know and always ask a lot of questions. Don’t be discouraged if you are not profitable from day one, success takes time. But once you get it - is extremely easy to maintain the passive income. Affiliate marketing is extremely profitable.

10. What's the difference between a Super Affiliate and an Average Affiliate?

The mindset. Super Affiliates know that 50k in a day is achievable through dedication and hard work. And a good affiliate network partner :-)

11. Which traffic sources prove to be the most effective for your top earning affiliates - Push, Native, PPC, Social, Email or any others?

Native and Social for certain - at least for out top partners as we specialize in VSLs.

12. In your experience, what are the three most critical elements of running a successful campaign?

Ensuring you get paid a good CPA, EPCs of the offer AND ensuring you get good creatives / resources to plan your campaigns. And impeccable tracking!

13. If you could change one thing about the affiliate industry, what would it be?

More global conferences - it’s amazing having the opportunity for everyone to connect in person!

14. What trends do you think we can expect to see in the affiliate marketing industry in the next 1-2 years? Where MaxWeb may be going? What advice would you give to affiliates to keep up the pace?

The customers are getting smarter so I believe it is imperative for affiliates to work on fresh and captivant content! MaxWeb is going to continue finding the best offers for affiliates, optimizing the funnels and working closely with the ad networks to ensure we offer the best opportunities for our Publishers. Best advice is to invest in learning opportunities, events, podcasts, masterminds - the only constant in our industry is change and the only way to keep the competitive advantage is by knowing the trends at all times. Spend at least an hour each morning learning about trends, competitors and new ways to improve your Campaigns.

15. What's your favorite movie and why?

La Vita é Bella by Roberto Benigni. Is a wonderful testimony of mindfulness, mindset and how important one's outlook on life is. In the face of adversity there is always a choice on how we react to the challenges we face.

16. Give us a little glimpse into what a typical day in your life looks like.

I wake up, always make my bed :) spend 1 hour reading my favorite industry newsletters via coffee and then I turn on the computer- I work for 4 hours and then I have lunch with my family. Back to work for another 4 hours then 60 minutes of exercise. Dinner with my family and back to work for another 4 hours. I leave the fun activities for the weekend - productivity and hard work are vital to having a successful business.