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Danny AliWe're very excited to present our 31st interview with Danny Ali of GoOffers. Danny Ali is has been in the online marketing industry for over 8 years. He is one of the co-founders of, and also successfully manages a CPM Network, along with a few other online properties.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you?

I am 29 years old, born in Florida, raised in New York and currently work and live in Los Angeles.

2. How long have you been in affiliate marketing and how did you get involved?

I've been in the Affiliate Marketing industry for a little bit over 8 years. I initially started out by working for one of the largest online ad networks in this space. I worked there for about 2 and half years, and then I started branching out. Soon after I learned the ropes, I became an affiliate, and eventually started a CPM network and a year after, we launched

3. How long was it before you realized you could live off your affiliate income?

I got in the business in 2003. I knew the potential in online advertising from the first month I got introduced to it. Think about it. There are hundreds of millions of people that are online every day. If you can successful promote to these people, I believe anybody can make a lot of money online. It just takes time, and a lot of hard work.

4. What has been your biggest success to date?

Hard to say. There has been many successes. One that stands out to me is our CPM network that we started. We were profitable from the first month we launched, with over 500 high volume websites. The second success is We currently have over 5000 active publishes in our system, with over 200 offers. So that has been a great big success as well.

5. Tell us a little bit about GoOffers and what you do over there?

GoOffers is a leading online affiliate network with operations in both Germany and USA. We cater to all affiliates that are looking to make money from their websites by promoting one of the many offers that we carry. I currently wear many hats at GoOffers, and one of them is account management. I love to be in the trenches, and I work with many of our affiliates on a daily basis to find ways to increase both their revenues and ROI.

6. There are already so many CPA affiliate networks out there. What makes GoOffers different?

We pride ourselves on our offers diversity and payouts. Many affiliate networks out there are just looking for any offer to add to their systems. They flood their networks with offers that will never convert. And then they advertise that they have over 500 different offers. What people need to realize is that, yes it is 500 offers, but most of them are either brokered or offers that will never make you any real money because they just don't convert. We know this all too well because we came from an affiliate background. All of our offers are time tested, and they convert well depending on what niche you target. So when an affiliate signs up with us, they know they are going to be getting the best offers out there. They are going to be receiving top payouts on the offers. And last but not least, they know they are going to be paid, and paid on time. No if's or buts about it.

7. Do you offer biweekly or weekly payment? If so, how much does one have to make to qualify?

We do offers weekly payments for the affiliates that are generating good "quality" traffic. In terms of minimum to qualify, it really depends. It's not so much the volume in traffic that we look for, but the quality of the traffic. What we want to avoid is paying out weekly, and then the Advertiser decides not to pay for the leads because of bad quality. So before we place anybody on weekly payments, we usually try to confirm quality of traffic the first month. If everything is clear from the Advertiser, we will put you on weekly payments, and the minimum to qualify is $500.00 a week.

8. Do you have any exclusive offers that other networks don't have?

We have many different offers that are only exclusive to us.

9. Which offers are performing well on your network?

Dating, Insurance, Education and Mobile. Those are the top performing verticals, and they have been solid for months.

10. Which traffic sources prove to be the most effective for your top earning affiliates - E-mail, PPC, PPV, Facebook, Media Buying or any others?

Email has best the best in terms of quality of traffic and EPC for the affiliate. But all of the traffic sources you mentioned are good sources, and it really all depends on the offer, and if the traffic source backs out for the Advertiser.

11. I see you are using HasOffers as your affiliate tracking platform. What made you pick them instead of choosing HitPath, DirectTrack or LinkTrust etc.? Do you have a plan to create your own tracking platform?

HasOffers has been great thus far. We've used LinkTrust in the past but I like the user interface on HasOffers better. We are currently in the works on our new proprietary tracking system, which will probably roll out in the next few months.

12. What are the criteria for a marketer to be accepted at GoOffers? How does GoOffers prevent and handle fraud?

All affiliates are accepted into GoOffers if they are legitimate, big or small. The one thing that will prevent you from being accepted into our network is an invalid mailing address, email address or phone number. We call and screen all affiliates prior to accepting them. If we get an invalid number, or we can't get a hold of you on the phone, we'll reject the application. We can't really say how we prevent fraud, but one of the few things we look at is EPC threshold, our compliance checks the server logs, transaction id's, ip addresses and traffic sources to determine if an affiliate is fraudulent or not.

13. For those who are interested in working with you and your affiliate network - What's the best way/time to reach you?

We're here from Monday - Friday 9am - 6 pm Pacific Standard time. You can give me a call or shoot me a quick email. P: 818-627-6328 OR email: [email protected]

14. In your opinion, what are the best places for a new affiliate to learn affiliate marketing? What advice would you give for them?

I'd say check out some of the blogs and forums that are out there, such as ABestWeb,,, etc...You can also go to, but a lot of the members there don't take too kindly to affiliates that are just starting out, but you can check it out anyway.

15. In your experience, what are the three most critical elements of run a successful campaign.

Pick out an offer that has been recommended by your affiliate manager. Then, research the demographics you are trying to target for that offer. For example, who would this offer best appeal to. Once you have that info, start buying traffic that is relevant to your demo. That way, you are displaying the offer to the people that are most likely to either purchase or sign up to.

16. What's the difference between a Super Affiliate and an Average Affiliate?

A super affiliate is more tactical. They know what their week points and strong points are, and usually, they know which offers will convert. This comes from experience. Super affiliates don't just make it over night. They have a strategy, and they stick to it, even if they lose a bit of money in the beginning. In order to do well in affiliate marketing, you have to constantly keep testing and optimizing. Remove all of the traffic sources that are not performing well, and keep the ones that are. When you've optimized, start looking for more traffic sources, and optimize again.

17. What are your goals in 2011? And how is the progress so far?

The goal for 2010 is to dominate, and that is exactly what we've been doing. Many affiliates have been coming to us because of word of mouth from other like minded affiliates, or they read positive reviews about us on various different affiliate sites. We've also been featured in a number of affiliate marketing books, and this really speaks volume in terms of how we run our business. Our goal for 2011 is to help as many affiliates make, or increase their income as much as possible.

18. What are your hobbies/interests/passions? What's your favorite movie and why?

I love guitars, movies and star bucks. Favorite movies are Scarface and blood diamond.

Many thanks to Danny for sharing your time with us and for sharing some great insight tips here! If you have any experience with GoOffers Affiliate Network, please write a review for them on the GoOffers review page. Ps. If you are an affiliate marketer, AM or Network owner and are interested in answering a few questions about you, your network and affiliate marketing, please drop us a message.