How to start your campaign the right way

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Introduction, a self-serve ad network since 2013, has been assisting advertisers, media buyers, and affiliate marketers create successful campaigns. With years of experience managing thousands of campaigns, there are essential steps advertisers need to take to optimize their campaigns on Following these steps can increase the chances of running a successful campaign and achieving your desired results.

In this article, we will discuss the most important aspects to watch out for when running campaigns with, including:

  1. Leveraging EZmob's Targeting Insights tool: Targeting Combos
  2. Integrating conversion tracking
  3. Targeting optimization: launching your campaign on the right audience
  4. Setting the pace of your campaign
  5. Frequency capping
  6. Checking in with your account manager
  7. Utilizing multiple creatives

Leveraging EZmob's Targeting Combinations Insights Tool: Targeting Combos

EZmob's advanced Targeting Combinations Insights tool, known as Targeting Combos, offers invaluable information for advertisers seeking to optimize their campaigns. With real-time data on the number of impressions and suggested bids for each combination of Country, Ad format, and Ad vertical, this powerful tool enables you to make informed decisions and fine-tune your campaign targeting. You can gain a competitive edge and maximize your advertising ROI by utilizing Targeting Combos. 

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Integrating conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is crucial for understanding your campaign's effectiveness. It allows you to monitor how many users click on your ad and ultimately complete a desired action, such as purchasing or filling out a form. Tracking these actions lets you determine which placements, subIDs, and creatives drive the most conversions. Set up conversion tracking correctly and perform a tracking test to verify its accuracy.

Targeting optimization: launching your campaign on the right audience

Optimizing your targeting is essential for reaching the right audience and driving conversions. Check in with your affiliate manager at for valuable insights and recommendations on the best targeting options for your offer. By leveraging the various targeting options available on the platform, such as carrier targeting, operating system targeting, version targeting, and browser targeting, you can increase your chances of reaching your target audience effectively.

Setting the pace of your campaign

Start your campaign and ramp up gradually to test different creatives, placements, and targeting options. This approach helps you identify areas for improvement and optimize your campaign accordingly. Starting with a smaller budget can minimize risk and ensure you're not spending money on ineffective placements or targeting options.

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Frequency capping

Setting a frequency cap is essential to prevent ad fatigue and avoid wasting your budget on ineffective impressions. We recommend a cap of 1:24, which means a user will see your ad at most once every 24 hours. This frequency cap balances reaching your target audience and preventing ad fatigue.

Checking in with your account manager

Your dedicated account manager at can check your campaign's configurations and provide valuable insights and recommendations on optimizing your campaign further. They can also help troubleshoot any issues that arise during your drive. Feel free to contact your account manager if you have any questions or encounter any problems during your campaign.

Utilizing multiple creatives

Rotating landing pages and creatives can help you test which performs best and optimize your campaign accordingly. This strategy enables you to avoid issues with broken landing pages and ensures your drive remains optimized and effective.

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