How to make money with Nutra offers in 2023?

Beauty and health products are one of the most popular destinations among affiliate marketing today. After all, the problems they solve are eternal, so the market does not cool down.

Unlike e-commerce, ROI remains much more interesting on Nutra. Especially now, when in addition to the usual market of COD goods (with payment on delivery), SS and Trial offers are entering our lives, offering even more interesting working conditions!

How it works, what are the main differences, and most importantly - how to make money on it - we analyze in this post.

Payment models

In this vertical, all offers can be divided into several payment models:

  • COD (Cash-On-Delivery) - a model with payment on delivery. After a person places an order, an operator from the call center contacts him to clarify and confirm the order. The webmaster will only get their earnings when the customer referred by them pays for the goods upon receipt.

  • Trial - this model includes offers with bank card binding. Payments are lower on such offers, but there is a chance to get more conversions. Usually, payments for subsequent orders with the attached card are taken into account.

  • SS (Straight Sales) - this payment model implies ordering a product and online payment. The webmaster receives their percentage IMMEDIATELY after the payment is made.

Target GEOs - tier-1 countries where payment by card is not a problem: USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, and New Zealand. Countries where online shopping is an integral part of life and people's income allows them to spend several hundred dollars monthly on this hobby without any hesitation.

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