How to Make Money with Doorways in 2024

Doorways are one-page, and sometimes full-fledged, websites created with one purpose: to quickly attract search traffic. They are not useful, but due to over-optimization, they quickly rise to the top of search results and manage to bring in the target audience before the search engine blocks them. By the way, such resources now look relatively decent, although they remain just as useless. However, affiliates and advertisers usually welcome this "warm" traffic, so media buyers actively use this source.

How Doorways Work

All the content of a doorway consists of a huge number of key queries—medium-frequency and low-frequency. Ordinary users most often do not realize that they are facing a doorway. Moreover, they may not even see it. Once on such a site, users are usually immediately redirected to a page with an offer.

The mechanism of doorways is very simple: the user enters a query in the search box, clicks on one of the sites in the top positions of the results, and:

  1. goes straight to the page with the offer if a redirect is set up;

  1. if a clickunder script is integrated into the doorway's code, the landing page will open in a new browser tab when clicking anywhere on the page;

  2. the user clicks on the affiliate link themselves.

Doorways that do not have a redirect to the landing page are usually filled with relatively high-quality content and have an attractive design. Nevertheless, doorways were and remain a "black hat" SEO method, as they are spammy and violate the rules of search engines. But for advertisers and affiliates, they provide high-quality organic traffic.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Doorways

In digital marketing, doorways remain a valuable traffic channel with their own pros and cons. Let's first consider the pros of doorways:

  • drive traffic quickly by getting to the top of search results;

  • do not require large expenditures on quality content and promotion; it is enough to pay for hosting and a domain;

  • simplify the optimization of the promoted resource, acting as a gateway page;

  • help build up the link mass of the target site;

  • open access to the audience of all existing search engines;

  • doorway traffic shows a good conversion rate with smartlinks Lospollos and single offers.

Now let's move on to the disadvantages of doorways:

  • short "life"—even a well-crafted doorway will be blocked sooner or later;

  • it is impossible to predict how much traffic a doorway will bring and how long it will last;

  • it is necessary to follow updates to search engine algorithms to keep the doorway in the search engine index longer.

Before using doorway traffic, ensure it is accepted by the affiliate or the offer owner.

How to Make Money with Doorways?

To effectively use traffic from doorways, it is important to create them under the affiliate link, not vice versa. Doorway traffic is suitable for almost all CPA marketing niches. Let's take a look at what doorways for the most lucrative verticals might look like:

  • To promote gambling offers, create doorways with online casino reviews, "mirrors," or download sites (for pay-per-install offers).

  • To effectively target betting, fill the doorways with "secret schemes" and promo codes and again make "mirrors" of famous bookmakers.

  • Doorways for adult offers, such as from the Nutra or dating verticals, can have any 18+ theme.

Search engine algorithms are updated regularly, and the fight against doorways is getting tougher. The "darker" the theme, the faster the site will be blocked. To ensure a doorway is indexed faster, we recommend buying trusted domains, as indexing new ones can take 3-4 weeks.

Newbies usually find such a source of traffic as doorways difficult. In reality, it is easier than you think. Thanks to services based on artificial intelligence, it is possible to create hundreds of doorways in Dorgen and fill them with content saturated with keywords.