How does Smart Link Boost Your Revenue?

Smart Link Boosts Your Revenue  

Offerslook announced recently of its brand-new feature Smart Link. Taking the highest EPC into consideration, Offerslook Smart Link turns affiliates into money makers with the advanced algorithm.

What Is Smart Link?

Smart Link is an Artificial Intelligence Hyper-Optimization Technology, it is a link containing various offers in it. Indeed, a “Smart Link” is a URL where you can send any traffic and the network filters the different traffic segments to the corresponding valid offers.

How does Smart Link Boost Your Revenue?

Smart Link has a proven track record of yielding a 25% ROI increase compared to working with individual offers from a general pool of products. Smart Link has started to replace static links. Smart links work by using an algorithm that decides what offer is shown for each specific user. The algorithm takes data about which user converts on what offer, analysis it, and uses this data to send visitors to an offer that is most likely to convert the user. Basically, you are assuring that every click will be monetized and none will get lost along the way, due to possible incorrect Geo/device/operator etc. filtering. For example, if there are some clicks that are not from your target countries, it will be delivered to another corresponding offer which needs the clicks in that country. If the algorithm notices a particular offer performs well in Italy, then it will automatically send more Italian visitors to that offer. This ensures that an affiliate will get the best results from his traffic. Taking the highest EPC into consideration, turns affiliates into money makers with the advanced algorithm.

What Else You can Benefits from Offerslook Smart Link?

1. Never shut down: using a smart link is that traffic will never be sent to an offer that is offline. Once an offer is down, the system will detect it and immediately disable the offer. Some offers even have limited availability, for example because of a volume cap.

2. Reducing operational cost: Smart link allows you to do more with less manual involvement, which also means you can redirect your resources towards more high-level, profitable activity as user involvement is less.

3. Last but not least, the algorithms behind Smart link can be more or less optimized, can implement such options like deep targeting (users who didn’t react to your ads the first time are not shown the ad the second), re marketing, look-alike audiences etc. Contact your manager to find out how Offerslook Smart Link can help you boost your revenue. If you are still not using Offerslook Performance Marketing Software, don’t hesitate, move from Performance Marketing to Smart Performance Marketing right now!

About Offerslook

Offerslook is a smart Performance Marketing software/affiliate tracking software. It enables Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks to Create, manage and optimize their Advertising Network in an easy & smart with its smart features like Smart Puller, Email Marketing ect.  

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