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Sometimes affiliates need a Rock

What makes a CPA network stand out is its ability to stay in the game. Plain and simple. Many networks come and go, burning their flame bright and then later just disappearing. As they say - here today, gone later today.

CrakRevenue will soon be the ripe old age of 10 years. It has become one of the wise leaders in affiliate marketing. It has shown through the years that a CPA network can be reliable and steady. In fact, CrakRevenue broke the mThink's BlueBook top 20 CPA networks a few years ago and now sits in the 5th spot.

Who is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is a CPA network based in Quebec City, Canada. It oversees an operation that generates more than a billion impressions monthly in approximately 150 countries and territories.

It specializes mostly in adult content but also works with mainstream brands. Its portfolio includes anything from dating, to live cam, erectile dysfunction, and even online adult games. Their traffic comes from sites specializing in human sexuality and personal well being.

When talking about what has been its secret of success, affiliate Sales director Maxime Bergeron said:

".....yes we have exclusivity on certain brands but, for me, having exclusivities is definitely NOT what guarantees our best service to our affiliates. Our secret is to guarantee great marketing services and insight for brands."

Untapped and high-income potential

Adult web content cannot be ignored. It has enormous day-to-day traffic. According to Psychology Today

"Porn sites attract more visitors each month than Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter combined"

The online magazine also notes that 30 percent of all internet content is adult related.

When talking about the potential, Maxime Bergeron went on to say

"We have seen this enormous potential and seized on the opportunity by not only finding quality offers that are a good fit for an audience but also by running a tight ship in an industry where many charlatans and posers reign supreme."

These "perfect match" style insights have done wonders for the more mainstream offers like the crossover online E.D. program BlueChew.This offer is well suited for adult traffic, but was also matched well with several other highly relevant traffic sources, such as reviewers, and made profits for BlueChew, affiliates, and all concerned, soar.

Out of curiosity, go take a look

Hop on to the platform by signing up and taking a look at the huge panoply of offers CrakRevenue manages. They offer money-making stats for each offer helping you make your decision on starting an affiliation with any of the brands.

CrakRevenue likes to say that "Your success is our success". They also have one of the best and most useful blogs in the business - hosted by Papa Whale. The wisdom guru and offer Wiseman of the company.

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