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Dating Offers MediaAre you always on the lookout for high-quality converting offers with a proven track record, joining network after network just to acquire a wide enough range of offers to support a comfortable income?   Well, look no further, the gates are open and the veil lifted.   Introducing Dating Offers Media   While we've just arrived at the stage of accepting affiliate applications, we're certainly no strangers to the online marketing scene. In fact affiliate expectations and the level of service you should be receiving is well-known to us, after all we play the game too. That's why all publishers are assigned a willing and able affiliate manager right off the bat.   We encourage frequent communication with our managers through Skype or other channels to ensure your time and effort is being well-spent. In addition, we also provide weekly email updates containing valuable test data from our internal team detailing general offer performance and statistics, helping you to make more informed decisions.   All of our offers are chosen according to quality and performance; you can expect to see over a hundred plus, appealing offers from the top and most well-known names in online dating. We can assure you that our network is in a constant state of development; even now we are working towards building on our existing partner base and adding to our offer range to ensure we stay ahead of the curve rather than serving up stale offers to our affiliates.   That said, we understand that having top performing offers means very little if the respective payout does nothing for your ROI, therefore we guarantee all of our offers pay at a very competitive and fair rate that is comparable to even the best networks out there. It goes without saying that we want you to join us, make a profit, and stay with us, that's also why you can expect to see stress-free payments from us without fail; we operate a net-15 payment basis for new publishers with payments becoming more frequent (weekly) to reflect your traffic quality.   If you've got the interest and are passionate about working with specifically dating offers, we invite you to submit an application to us over at Dating Offers Media. We'd be more than happy to hear from you.   This post was guest blogged by James from Dating Offers Media.