Case Study: How I Got 82.61% Using Push traffic and Click2SMS offer In Tier 3 Geo!

  • Ad Format: Push Notifications
  • Traffic Source: ZeroPark
  • Affiliate Network:
  • Type of Offer: Dating/Chat
  • Model: CPA
  • GEO: Togo
  • Offer Payout: $0.35
  • Campaign period: 01-03-2020 To 05-03-2020
  • Cost: $6.90
  • Revenue: $12.60
  • Profit: $5.70
  • ROI: 82.61%


Hey! This is Samrath Gupta from and I’d like to present a small case study I personally did on one of our offers. At HAKA we have our In-House Click2SMS offers running well and we have many other verticals in the pipeline that will go live soon!

Push traffic has been trending for over a year now and by the looks of it it will continue to do well because of the ease and the control Push traffic offers. Your ad gets seen by the user and that too on their Home screen which increases the CTR and your chances of getting a conversion!

So I decided to do a Case Study with one of our offers to see how well an Affiliate partner can monetize Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries as Tier 1 is highly saturated and it’s always a wise move to choose a new market and instantly setup yourself rather than struggling on a saturated market.

Let’s Begin!

First let's understand the flow of how Click2SMS offers convert (You can skip If you are aware). The end user lands on the landing page where he needs to send an SMS for the offer to convert .

Users just need to either reply to something or click on a designated place and a SMS dialog box will open with pre-filled code. Once the user sends that message VOILA! A Pixel fires and you get a lead!

What Offer I chose and how will it Convert?

In my case study I chose a Dating/Chat related offer where the end user lands on a chat box. The user receives a chat message and pic from a girl and the User just needs to reply to the chat. Once the user replies to the chat a SMS dialog box will appear with Pre-Filled code along with his Chat Reply For Example: Hi (Our Code) or How are you? (Our Code). Once the user sends that TEXT the pixel fires.




Hey es-tu toujours célibataire

💖 24_ Fatima, discutez avec moi ..💋

Hey es-tu toujours célibataire

💖 24_ Fatima, discutez avec moi ..💋


Pricing Model: CPC

CPC: 0.0061

Budget: $10

Platform: Mobile

OS: Android

Campaign Preview:

Final Ad Preview


I kept this campaign running for 5 days and below you will find the results

Spend From ZeroPark

The Final Verdict:

I hope I was able to show you that HOW much money can be made from Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries and looking at the ROI and other factors I see it a win win situation for both us!