Candyoffers - A Global Affiliate Network

Candyoffers is a global affiliate network that gives affiliates access to some of the sweetest and highest paying CPA offers in the online marketing industry.

Why choose Candyoffers?

We understand that making money in this business requires establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with experienced affiliates who have the same appetite for success that we do. It is our mission to contribute to that success by working closely with affiliates that give good quality traffic that we intend to pay well for.

We’ve recently added new verticals to our already strong repertoire of offers!

Contact us today to speak with one of our account managers who will be happy to provide all the information and guidance that you need to start making some sweet profits.

More Highlights

🍭 We understand that making money in this business requires a mutually beneficial relationship with our affiliates.

🍭 We understand that what benefits our affiliates also benefits us.

🍭 We make it our mission to have our affiliates succeed the best that we can and to form long-lasting relationships in which both parties are exceedingly happy and successful.

The Traffic We Buy

Review chart traffic Media buyers using publisher network traffic and DSPs
Dedicated URL pages Paid traffic from social networks
Reputable blogs that have an impact Niche-specific blog sites

Candyoffers loves working with good quality traffic sources and helping our affiliates use our offers to get the best paying results in the business.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our dedicated team of account managers are all experienced media buyers and affiliate marketers who know the ins and outs of the affiliate marketing business.

🍭 Each of our affiliates is assigned their own personal affiliate manager who is thorough and ready to help with any issue.

🍭We make it our mission to use our expertise and skills to find ways to help our affiliates grow their accounts as much as possible and establish long-term business relationships.

🍭 Our team will provide useful timely feedback on your campaigns, offer tips and suggestions to optimize your traffic, and help you pick the right offers and landing pages that will produce the greatest amount of conversions possible.

🍭 We provide live technical support 5 days a week and are always available for your questions or concerns. Candyoffers is a global company, with offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Pretty sweet, right?

Candyoffers´ Payouts

The commissions that you will generate with Candoffers are honored and paid in a timely manner. Ask us about our accepted payment methods.

We have highly competitive payout rates for every single one of our offers. Our DOI payout rates range from 2.50 to 16.00 € per lead, depending on the geo.

Payment intervals of Net30, Net15, and Net0 are all available.

Have any questions, or would you like to know more about what we can offer you? Contact us today at:

🍭 Sweet dreams! 🍭