Break Through Ad Fatigue with Adsterra's Interstitials Launch: Just in Time for Your XMas Campaigns!

Adsterra has just rolled out Interstitials, a highly anticipated addition to the Self-Serve Platform, promising to elevate your advertising experience.

Interstitials, previously exclusive to managed accounts, appeared to command 50% of the ad demand among Social Bar users. Breaking away from being a request-only feature, Interstitials are now accessible to all advertisers on the SSP. To sweeten the deal, Adsterra has curated a collection of successful templates across various industries – Mobile Utility, Finance, E-commerce, Dating, iGaming, and more – set to propel your online advertising to new heights!

What are Interstitials?

Picture this: Full-screen ads rocking a large visual and a vignetted background, strategically devouring 45-80% of your screen. There’s no way this ad remains unnoticed!

To get a better idea of what Interstitials look like, check out this list of their key elements along with the graphic below:

  • Large image/text area for your ad message

  • Optional heading and description

  • Tempting call-to-action

  • "Close" icon 

  • Extra layout elements to add style

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Levelling up your advertising with Interstitials

Before we outline what awaits your marketing with Adsterra’s Interstitials, it's important to note that they are part of the remarkable and unique Social Bar format. Introduced by Adsterra in 2020, Social Bar made waves in the ad market, and its popularity continues to soar. Now, it's broadening its range of subformats to include Interstitials.

Interstitials are UX-friendly and brand-oriented, have easy as pie creatives upload functionality, boast ground-breaking viewability, and secure first-row ad positions. Plus, they stand out in CPI, CPD, and CPL conversions while providing competitive CPM rates.

How Can Interstitials Supercharge Your Marketing Goals?

  • Expand Popunder campaigns with high-value traffic segments using Interstitials.

  • Introduce innovative creativity to Social Bar campaigns for top-tier leads.

  • Re-engage users with a neatly redesigned ad message.

  • Enhance CTR and CR, depending on your KPIs.

  • Provide a friendly and smooth user experience.

  • Render a more immersive and pleasant alternative to a little obsolete pop-up windows.

Wrapping It Up

Adsterra’s Interstitials are the game-changer you've been waiting for. Elevate your marketing game now, and see your ROI skyrocket like never before! 

Oh, and here's the kicker – you can bag $200 by sharing your Interstitials success story. What are you waiting for? No more blabbing, just dive into the Interstitial adventure with Adsterra!

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