Best Color Choices for Advertising Creatives

If you have experience in advertising, you're likely aware of the significant role that colors play in defining a brand's visual identity and in advertising. Due to the nuances of human memory, consumers often associate specific colors with particular brands. This same approach can be effectively applied to the creatives of your advertising campaigns. If you're looking to make your ads more clickable, selecting the right colors is key.

The Significance of Color in Marketing

Using color psychology in the field of affiliate marketing helps attract the target audience's attention and, at the subconscious level, evoke specific emotions towards your offer, ultimately enticing them to visit your landing page.

Let's see how colors influence consumer choice:

1.      Red – this color can encourage unplanned purchases, so the call to action button is most often red. This color symbolizes urgency, passion, and threat. Therefore, it is used to advertise antiviruses, online casinos, and products from the eCommerce vertical.

2.     Yellow - associated with warmth, cheerfulness, and the sun. It is often used to advertise travel offers and food services. In gambling creatives, yellow helps evoke the joy of winning.

3.    Orange is the color that signifies lightness, health, and energy so it can be advantageously used in promotional materials for children's toys, medicines and dietary supplements, fitness and health offers, and online casinos.

4.   Green color symbolizes harmony, purity, harmony, balance, and lightness. It is an ideal color for nutra-offers, where you need to emphasize the product's natural composition, its healing effect, cleansing the body, and losing weight. In creatives for app cleaners, green is associated with deep cleaning of the device.

5.   Blue color calms, relaxes, and pacifies. This color suits financial and betting creatives, instilling a sense of stability and trust in potential clients. It's also used in car and medical services advertisements.

6.     Black and gray are frequently used in advertising luxury products like branded watches, perfumes, and cars, as well as in trading, crypto, and adult nutra offers. These classic colors are linked to luxury, power, and style.

7.   Purple is ideal for creating a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere in astrology offers and other prediction-related campaigns.

8.     Pink – romantic, sexy, frivolous. This color is ideal for advertising lingerie, 18+ products, and online dating services.

9.  White symbolizes purity and sterility, and white serves as an ideal background for highlighting product details. It's commonly used in creatives featuring dietary supplements, clothing, and equipment. However, it's unsuitable for emotionally driven gambling and betting creatives.

10. Brown color is about comfort, coziness, and consistency. This color is found in coffee, chocolate products, and furniture advertising.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Creative

Effective creatives require careful consideration, taking into account:

  1. Target Audience Parameters – This includes gender, age, and cultural nuances. For instance, red symbolizes purity in India but is associated with blood in European culture.

  2. Brand's Visual Identity - Creative colors should not contradict the color scheme used in the corporate style.

  3. Vertical – Colors should align with the theme of your advertising campaign. For example, red may not be suitable for medical services ads.

  4. Competitors' creatives - After looking at the promotional materials of competitors from the same vertical, you can use their color schemes or test your own.

  5. Other creative elements – Text color and font, for example. Everything should look harmonious and appealing rather than disruptive.

In practice, crafting creatives requires meticulous attention to detail, with colors playing a pivotal role. When viewing an ad, take a moment to assess how its colors make you feel. This practice will enhance your ability to analyze your own creatives, ensuring they elicit a desire to click.

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