Affigate - Modern Partner Marketing Platform

Affigate is a platform that revolutionizes tracking system experience. Automation and included features like SmartLinks and Gates are designed to help you earn most from every click, as well as relieve you of painful operational routines and challenges.

Below are the key reasons that make Affigate worth checking out.


Target your incoming traffic using Gates. Gates are powerful routing units that let you manage the traffic flow by specifying Rules, as well track rewards by combining Goals and Payouts. Define up to a hundred Gates within a single Offer, make certain Gates enabled or disabled for certain Affiliates.


Optimize your traffic performance with the SmartLink feature. Affigate analyzes patterns and estimates EPC, CPC and Margin, enabling your pre-landings to send the end-user to the most matching, and thus profitable Offer. Take control of the every detail of the flow to get the best out of the traffic you are working with.


These days it is getting harder and harder to detect and filter out fraud and bot traffic. So Affigate's fraud analytics system is included in every plan and uses cutting-edge approaches in detecting such traffic and notifying you on time.


Enjoy all of the tools and features in a modern layout system with coherent design. Forget about failing to figure things out and scrolling through manuals – Affigate helps you to get straight to work and do it with pleasure.


Affigate provides with unique automation features that are based on the contemporary challenges of affiliate networks. Repetitive operational work is refined and optimized in ways that practically eliminate effort and frustration, enabling you to stay focused on a bigger picture.


Last but not least! Affigate is an environment and an ecosystem that covers the needs of Affiliates, Advertisers, Networks and even Networks' accounting departments.

Affigate's motto is about an unbreakable belief in Affiliate Marketing as the industry everybody can benefit from. And the platform indeed resembles this belief by focusing on overcoming the present and well-known obstacles in order to make the software easy and accessible for the wide audience.

The ease of start and setup, as well as the simplicity of the migration path from other popular platforms makes Affigate equally worth checking out for both new and experienced players of the market.

Every player deserves better software. Get a chance to win with Affigate.

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