Adverten smartlink is the best way to monetize your traffic

Adverten affiliate network is an in-house platform for monetizing traffic from any GEO via smartlinks. We work in the Adult Dating, Cams, Gay Dating, Mainstream Dating, and Sweepstakes verticals. Smartlink divides the traffic flows and directs them to the most suitable offers depending on the GEO, device, and other targeting options. And this distribution goes in accordance with the already tested offers and funnels, taking your traffic source into account.

Key features :

* Smartlinks with automated traffic distribution by key indicators.

* 3000+ direct and exclusive offers.

* Funnels created specifically for different types of traffic.

* Best landing pages and pre-landers for any GEO.

* Super dedicated support 24/7

* Weekly payouts.

Top GEOs

* United States

* Germany

* Australia

* United Kingdom

* Canada

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