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With the fast growth of the advertising world publishers started having a few concerns regarding traffic management and ad rentability. As a solution to those problems, Ad manager software began appearing all around the market, each one with its unique set of tools and features to help publishers monetize their traffic in one single place.

GoAdServer is one of those software… But what makes it different from other Ad management software, you ask, let us explain you!

Officially Launched in 2022 is a software fully made for publishers where you can manage all ad zones in one place from multiple external solutions. This Software combines the technology of the last 15 years of advertising with the latest trends, proven to be capable of Increase Earnings by more than 200% in your first month. GoAdserver is a fully tested SAAS Solution for distribution, serving, tracking and customising ads across all types of online businesses with the capacity to serve over 100 billion daily impressions with maximum performance.

Manage all ad zones in one place with GoadServer

It´s simple, it helps you manage your traffic and always get the best price for your traffic. Managing your Ad Networks one by one can be quite boring and not always pay´s off. As a publisher when you want to sell to multiple Ad Networks you need to change the code as many times as Ad Networks you want to sell your traffic. With GoadServer that job becomes easy and automatic as you don't need to change your code, helping you Sell to Multiple Ad Networks and always get the Best Price for Your Traffic.

Does it actually work?

It´s normal that when 200% increases are on the table you get a little suspicious about it. Seems too good to be true right? Understand that when you are managing multiple ad spaces at the same time and driving them to multiple ad networks as well all by yourself you will never get the best prices. Taking into consideration that throughout your day you have a thousand other things to do will be impossible to tick every box. When you have a fully optimized bidding system that makes sure you always receive the best bids makes sense that your earnings get a massive boost. Clients said that once they started using GoadServer their Conversions More than Doubled in the first month.

“This must be too expensive, right?”

Not really, to make sure that all of you publishers get access to this service, GoadServer has 3 Plans according to your needs and status:

´The “Startup plan” design for sites that are starting which comes with the basic features.

´The “Agency plan” is designed for websites that want to achieve higher market status. This plan comes with advanced features to make sure you have all tools to reach higher levels (Recommended)

´The “Enterprise plan” is designed for sites that are already top of the market and want to continue their run as best.

To conclude, GoAdserver is a very affordable and reliable option when it comes to optimizing your traffic earnings. We definitely recommend it, if you are still unsure, GoadServer allows you to test 2 Months for Free.

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