A Case Study on Promoting iGaming Offers in Southeast Asia

Are you looking to promote iGaming offers in Southeast Asia?

Look no further than this case study from TrafficStars, which provides valuable insights into successfully promoting an online casino in Malaysia and Singapore.

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The casino payouts for the first-time deposit are the following:

Malaysia - $15

Singapore - $25

The media buying team at TrafficStars ran a campaign for a well-known iGaming brand endorsed by celebrities, which had several benefits for players, including bonuses, a low minimum deposit, and a large selection of games.

The team targeted mobile banners in 300x250 and 300x100 sizes, excluding non-residents with proxy traffic, and launched three ads for each GEO:

  • RON traffic
  • xHamster
  • Prime

The team optimized their campaigns using an Optimizer tool with five rules blocking low CTR spots.

They also tested dozens of ad creatives and several pre-landings, including live casino, slots, and poker games, welcome bonuses, limited-time free bets, “Spin the Wheel” promotions, tournaments, promo of casino features, and success stories of jackpot winners.

Approaches with games and showing the gaming platform benefits performed best in Singapore, while success stories worked best in Malaysia.

Optimization hacks

#1 This one blocks spots with too low CTR.

#2 This rule increases a bid by 10% if there is at least 1 lead and eCPA is less than 1.5 (lead cost).

#3 And vice versa – if the eCPA is higher than 1.5, then decrease the bid.

#4 The following rule blocks ad spots without registrations for 30 days. 6 is the lead cost multiplied by 4.

#5 And the last rule blocks spots without deposits.


Period: 17 September 2022 – 17 February 2023

Spent: $15857

Net profit: $6408

ROI: 40.4%

Here are the stats for the 3 months.

As you can see, the Singaporean ad campaigns generated more revenue through higher payouts ($15 vs $25).

There is no correlation between audience type and ROI: RON and Prime can be profitable.

This statistic also shows that both banner sizes can perform well.

To sum up

Overall, the campaign spent $15,857 and generated a net profit of $6,408 with an ROI of 40.4%. The team found no correlation between audience type and ROI; both banner sizes performed well.

This highlights the importance of testing offers to determine what will bring the most profit. Banner ads also proved effective for iGaming promotion due to their low CPM and animated images.

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