5 Reasons Why AdsPower Is a Must-Have Antidetect Browser for Affiliates

Experienced affiliates should more or less have heard about antidetect browsers. As a leader in this industry, AdsPower’s practical features and easy-to-use interface are tailored for traffic arbitrage work. Here are 5 reasons why AdsPower is a must-have tool for affiliates.

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1. Real fingerprints to keep you from being banned

Unlike some solutions that try to hide users’ fingerprints in order to avoid being detected by websites, AdsPower collects real fingerprint variables and generates distinctive, reliable fingerprints based on them. By randomly assigning these fingerprints to users, AdsPower can make them appear to be trustworthy online individuals. 

2. Intuitive interface for convenient account management

AdsPower has a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly create a browser profile and execute a bunch of bulk operations on profiles, like opening / closing, exporting, sharing, moving, and a lot more. Each profile's tags can be easily added, and you can edit them whenever necessary. Searching for specific profiles using a name, tag, serial number, or other information is a simple way to find them.

3. Solid security

Accounts are treasurable assets for every affiliate, and we at AdsPower understand this. All data in AdsPower is so encrypted that even we can’t read it. Not to mention, both data storage and transmission are encrypted. We use the 2FA method to guarantee a secure login to your AdsPower account. An email notification will be sent to you if a suspicious login takes place. Additionally, AdsPower gives you the option to view the team's action logs, enabling you to keep an eye on all team members' activities.

4. Task automation

Task automation has become an essential component of the antidetect browser due to the rise in demand for it. You can automate tasks in AdsPower by running scripts through the API. Using the RPA, however, is a simpler method. You only need to choose operations from the Operation menu, drag them to the process box, and configure variables for each operation to create an automation process. For example, when you drag "Visit Website" to the process box, the next step is to enter the URL you want to access. If you don’t have a clue how to do it, no worries—AdsPower also offers pre-made RPA templates, such as Cookie Robot and automatic MetaMask login.

5. Action synchronization across profiles

The Synchronizer is probably the most effective tool for you if you want to carry out the same action on multiple accounts. When you open the desired profiles and start the Synchronizer, what you do in the main profile will be synchronized with the other profiles.

Try AdsPower today, then you’ll know why it’s good for your business. Don’t forget to claim a 10% discount by using the promo code AFFPAYING.