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PeerFly is an Internet property of Avlo Media Inc. As opposed to other affiliate networks, their tracking system is in-house custom built from the ground up so they don't depend on unreliable hosted mechanics. PeerFly is rapidly becoming the choice for both publishers and advertisers alike. With an over-all network conversion rate of 8-15% and high EPC's it actually doesn't take a genius to see how they differ from their competition! Wait around no further and join PeerFly today!


Affiliate Network Details

Number of Offers 0
Commission Type CPA , CPL , CPS
Minimum Payment $50
Payment Frequency Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-Weekly, Weekly, Daily
Payment Method Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Referral Commission 5% lifetime
Tracking Software In-house proprietary platform
Tracking Link
Affiliate Managers
  • Luke Kling
  • Charlie Gartman
  • Corey Englaender
  • Chad French
  • Travis Glenn
  • Davey Taylor
  • Corinna French
  • Lauren Hostert
  • Nikki Lindsey

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Aug 30 2010

You're definitely at odds. Be more specific at what you're saying. My e-mails are answered by the PeerFly team usually within a few hours, even on the weekends. Their payouts are extremely high and if you find a better payout elsewhere, they always beat it. I have nothing but good things to say about PeerFly and I've heard nothing but good things.

Siddharth Kumar
Sep 26 2011

Peerfly is listed everywhere as a newbie friendly network, but I don\'t feel that\'s the case. I applied to the network because of the huge database of offers and the high payout and so that I could learn how to promote CPA offers properly, and I mentioned that I was new to the CPA scene in the application and described how I would try to generate traffic using free traffic until I was comfortable with CPA. BUT, I was denied even after providing all the identity verification they needed. I tried contacting Charlie via e-mail and AIM but he hasn\'t responded. I\'ve never seen Charlie online. Yes, I didn\'t put in a website, yes I did use my gmail ID, but I also mentioned why I\'m not using my website\'s email ID. You guys need to seriously change your reputation to that of being a network with rather strict norms and not a newbie-friendly network.

Oct 17 2011

how can i join in this great network? someone helps me please... [email protected]

Manny Borromeo
Oct 29 2011

Stumbled upon this from a friend who suggested I check out this website. How exactly does this work? Are there requirements? How do I go about this in more depth?

Gideon Edem
Nov 09 2011

I don’t know why i was not accepted when i applied, i was turned down!

Michael Maushak
Nov 24 2011

I can't help but feel I've been treated unfairly by Peerfly. I had an account there for years, then they asked for my ID, I sent it to them, no problem. Then I get a letter of rejection??!! I just don't get it!

Alexandru Iulian
Nov 30 2011


I had joinied Peerfly 6 weeks ago. Today i received my first payout of 1855$ from last month. After that i sent Corey an email asking him to change my paydate to net7. I had arround 8500$ from this month and they closed my account "Because they said i used twitter traffic".
I replied to corey about this to send me evidence that i used traffic and to be able to recheck my account since i didn't used Twitter traffic.
They are completing ignoring me on emails and phone. They didn't send me any evidence, they just canceled my account with this message "Your PeerFly publishers account has been terminated for spamming Twitter."

I am asking corey to reply here with the evidence that i had spammed twitter and i had violated there TOS.
I will provide to public all the proves he needs. Bank statements from wich i payed for the last 6 weeks over 4000$ to facebook ads. Ads stats from facebook and everything.

Untill then be aware that Peerfly from my point of view is a big SCAM.
The nice part is that they payed me today money from last month and after 30 minutes after i asked Corey to move me to NET7 payment they canceled my account with 8500$ in it.

Best regards,

Alexandru iulian

Ranjan Sahu
Dec 02 2011

Hi Luke,

I have completed my sign up process and done with my email and phone verification. Regarding ID Verification, I have my Passport, Can i scan my Passport and upload it for verification? Also do you require only front side of my passport or you want both, front and back sides for verification?

Waiting for your reply,
Thanks & Regards,
Ranjan Sahu

Umair Ahmed
Feb 03 2012

why this network not accepting me :( luke told me that peerfly also accept new affiliate then why not me…????

Mar 21 2012

I send an email to luke several days ago, but he never replied my email.
If anybody can help me answer this question, I really appreciate.

This is the email that I send to Luke:

Hi Peerfly,

I have a few question about promoting peerfly offers via youtube.

Your affiliate manager (Luke) post something in his blog about promoting peerfly offers via youtube. Here is the link to that post:

He's said that one of the requirements to promote peerfly offers are:

"You must use a redirect on your own domain if you are going to direct link"

Which made me curious is Luke not explain what domain extensions are allowed to do the redirect. Is that .com, .net, .org, .info, .co, etc.

Sometime I saw a video from people on youtube that promotes peerfly offers is not using their own domain but shortening the offers url by using url shortener.

I want to use the .INFO domain to make the redirect, but I want to make 100% sure that .INFO domain is allowed to promote peerfly offers.

So, my question is can I use the .INFO domain to promote peerfly offers via youtube? And can I use a url shortener to promoting peerfly offers via youtube too, is that allowed?

I would appreciate if you can answer my question, because I've asked this to Luke via email a few days ago but no reply until now.

Waiting a response from you.

That's the email I send to Luke.
Like I said before, if anyone can help me answer this question, I really appreciate.

Apr 02 2012

I was very happy when I found out from friends for this mrezu.I I immediately signed up and after a week of hope, I get this message:

Thank you for applying with PeerFly. Unfortunately, at the interest of our advertisers, we've chosen to deny your application. We follow a strict set of criteria when approving applications to ensure quality traffic for our clients. As the industry changes, we may be more open to allowing you into our program.

Never in my life have I been so sad as it is today.
I know here has a lot of CPA, CPC networks but i want work with PeerFly.

Currently now i work with Sharecash and FileIce and i have very good income.But is very sad that many people will be accepted only because they are from the U.S. and some of them do not know the methods of marketing.

Thank you.

Jul 02 2012

Why do you need a photo ID to join this site?

Filipe Almeida
Jul 03 2012

One strike and you're out!

I was very amazed because I was really enjoying Peerfly, this was the first Ad Network I have ever joined, so I was learning as I went. They have some quite good offers, a great tracking system, so I started running offers to find out which one would yield the best results, until I found one that was getting me a good Conversion Rate and started pumping that one along with other offers as well.

The next day I receive an e-mail saying my account was suspended because the ad company did not allow search PPC and all my money was WIPED OUT.

I contacted support because I knew that this offer allowed PPC (isn't all PPC done through search engine?) and a very rude person said that "they don't ban people lightly". I asked the person why was I not even given a warning or anything because it was never my intention of "jacking the system by using adcenter" (not sure if that's even possible...) and I would immediately pull the ads, I never wanted to cause conflicts with the network, specially when money is involved. The guy pretty much just said "We won't do anything for you, you broke the rules, goodbye"

I just felt horrible because I spent a lot of money on the ads themselves and figuring everything out and I was getting to the point of making a slight profit even and then I just lose everything and not just from that ad, from ALL OTHER LEADS I generated.

I find it amazing that somehow they think that there is no way someone could make a mistake, and even so, I am a beginner and I even put that into my application, for them to expect a guy that has never done this before to just get everything 100% right is beyond me. I would still love to know what other forms of PPC there are.

I'm sure the network has good people working there and most are helpful, it's just this one guy that just wanted to ruin someone's life that bothers me. I would just like to be given a second chance and at least get paid for the other leads I generated that had nothing to do with the one that I supposedly "broke the rules" in and for them to be more understanding.

Thank you.

Jul 19 2012

Looking for a credit report offer that accepts incent traffic - let me know what you have.


Sep 14 2012

I have just registered this one. Hope it's all positive as you all comment :)