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Clickadu is a digital advertising network with multi-format inventory to choose from. Our aim is to provide 360° ad coverage and monetization capabilities in one place.

Clickadu Statistics:
• 4Bln+ traffic from all over the world daily fresh out the direct publishers
• 3.6Mln daily conversions
• 3300+ Active publishers
• 41300+ Active ads campaigns and 7000 active advertisers
• 22 verticals
• 240+ GEOs

• User-friendly SSP - A toolkit to ensure statistics transparency and campaign automation
• Fast campaign moderation - You’re a coffee break away from launching a campaign to getting traffic
• Fraud and bot filters - Machine Learning-based algorithm to filter poor quality
• Multiple payment methods - More than five solutions to cash out or top up your balance
• 360° Ad coverage - Your product will get noticed for sure with a wide variety of ad formats
• Qualified support team - A team of expert managers concerned about your success

What will you get as a Clickadu advertiser?
➔ 4Bln worldwide traffic fresh from the direct publishers
➔ 7 ads formats that can be mixed for a better result
➔ 22 verticals - more than in any advertising network
➔ 4 pricing models to choose: CPM, CPC, SmartCPA, SmartCPM
➔ Advanced Multi-DC communication that reduces discrepancies
➔ In-house traffic quality control
➔ Dedicated support & managers team

And what about the publishers?
➔ 41К+ active campaigns daily that creates a high traffic demand.
➔ CPM up to $9
➔ Clean feed (we’re on it with our Policy restrictions and several moderation stages).
➔ Weekly payments (at $50) with no hold via PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, Crypto-wallets, and Wire.
➔ Referral program that will give you up to 5% from publishers' revenue who registered via your referral link

7 ads formats:
Banner Ads
Push Notifications
Inpage Push
Instant Text Message
Video Pre-Roll

Average Traffic Amount:
Banner Ads: 800 Mln
Popunder: 230 Mln
Push notifications: 3.3 Bln
Video: 18 Mln
Inpage: 200 mln
Instant Text Message: 4 Mln
SKIM: 3 Mln

New features:

Clickadu announced an online banners ads format. Using them you could achieve great conversion and earn much more money. What advantages do they have?

• 5 creatives within one ads campaign
• CPC/SmartCPM/CPM price models
• Pay only for targeted conversions with a misclick protection system
• CPC model free testing
• Two formats: 300x250 и 300x100

Also, explore cross-format advertising and boost traffic with additional banner traffic and dive into Push Subscriptions monetization - a brand new feature for publishers.

Advertising Network Details

For Publisher
Commission Type CPM
Minimum Payment $50 - $1000
Payment Frequency Net-7
Payment Method PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer
Publishers Contact
For Advertiser
Ad Format Push, Popunder, Video, Banner, SKIM, Instant Text Message
Cost Model CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, SmartCPA, SmartCPM
Minimum Deposit $100
Payment Method PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
Daily Impression 4 billion
Top Vertical Social Apps, Android Tools (cleaners, boosters), E-commerce (wholesale brands), VPN, Tools & Utilities, Push subscriptions, Nutra, Finance Apps, Games, Surveys, Sweepstakes, Dating, Gambling & Betting
Advertisers Contact

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Targeting & Optimization

  • Self-serve Platform
  • GEO Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • OS Targeting
  • ISP/Carrier Targeting
  • Broswer Targeting
  • IP Targeting
  • Website Targeting
  • Language Targeting
  • Time Targeting
  • Category Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Black/White List
  • Frequency Capping
  • Token
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Adult Ads
  • Gambling Ads
  • Personal Account Manager
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