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Webgains.com was formed in 2004 to create a serious and professional presence in the on-line marketing arena. Our aim is to provide the best affiliate marketing network in the world. Webgains offers world-class customer service supported through experienced telephone support and on-line ticketing system. Our technology is developed in-house and we will consider bespoke technical development where warranted. Webgains is an affiliate marketing network that combines depth of experience, world-class technology, and unrivaled support. Our people are driven by an understanding of the challenges facing professional marketers and above all, a passion for what they do and the commitment and ability to help affiliates and merchants alike succeed.

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Former employee of S-noilite
May 30 2019

Dear Webgains,

I am a former employee of S-noilite Company. On February 27th 2017, our company signed a two-year contract with your company. However, our company had been performing poorly during the time using the platform of Webgains. On April 2018, our company stopped operations due to operational problems and ended up with collapse. Because the contract was still valid by then, we immediately contacted your company's staff (Xiaoping) to terminate the contract. But your company’s staff ( Xiaoping ) refused our request and asked our company to pay the monthly rent for the rest of the year in one lump sum! This request made us very dissatisfied. The question was: Why do we still need to pay the remaining monthly rent since our company has closed down and our company will no longer use any service of Webgains?
Since your staff ( Xiaoping ) were very persistent in his position, we proposed another solution. We found a company (haireshop.com) of my friend who was running similar project. Then we consulted your staff (Xiaoping) that if we could transfer the remaining service to their company (haireshop.com). However, this proposition was rejected by your staff (Xiaoping). He stressed that the contract cannot be terminated and cannot be transferred to any other company. Since our company (S-noilite) was already collapsed, no one mention this matter again
Recently, my friend’s company ( haireshop.com ) contacted me and said that they received an email from Octempo Receivables Management ( UK based international debt collection agency ) requesting a payment of USD $6557.74 to your company . And they also received an email about S-noilite invoices from ccontrol@webgains.com , requesting S-noilite company to pay USD 4998.75 to your company. This email mention that " program S-noilite which is running under the website http://www.haireshop.com Which is still active ” .
I am very confused. Why did my friend’s company (haireshop.com) receive an e-mail bill notification for your company? So we need to clarify some details here. Please understand the following points:
1. S-noilite.com was cooperated with your company. During the time of cooperation, S-noilite.com had been performing poorly and resulted in collapse. S-noilite had repeatedly requested for termination of the contract and proposed other solution with your staff ( Xiaoping ) . However, your staff(Xiaoping) refused our request and did not propose any solution for this problem.
2. Our company proposed the solution that transferring the remaining service to my friend's company (haireshop.com), but this proposition was rejected your staff (Xiaoping).
3. My friend’s company ( Hairesho p.com ) has never received any notice of cooperatiing with your company, neither has signed any contract with your company to use the Webgains platform .
4. My friend’s company ( Hairesho p.com ) has never logged into Webgains platform and has never used any of your service.
Your company is a very big company. But the way how you deal with this problem is very unacceptable. I hope that your company can investigate this case and provide a reasonable solution. And please stop sending debt notification to my friend’s company ( haireshop.com ). Hope this problem between your company and S-noilite can be completely solved. Thank you!

Former employee of S-noilite

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