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Skimlinks powers commerce content strategies for publishers. As the world’s largest commerce content monetisation platform, it helps grow a revenue stream that can contribute as much as a quarter of a publisher’s overall revenue. In other words, this enables publishers to be less dependent on advertising. Skimlinks creates new revenue for publishers by: affiliating links in content, and syndicating the resulting behavioral data to marketers for use in advertising.

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Number of Offers 12000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS
Minimum Payment $65/€55/£50
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Method PayPal, Direct Deposit
Referral Commission N/A
Tracking Software In-house proprietary platform
Tracking Link N/A

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Ali Zain
Aug 04 2020

Hello Everyone,

I want to share my work experience with Skimlinks who are not following their own policies and penalizing their own dedicated Publishers who are working with them from long upto 24 Months and expanding the sales of Skimlinks with their little earnings.


My Account is suspended the same account active from 16 months on which i never received any warning or intimation of using two accounts from the same IP once of a sudden they revised their terms for their own benefit and without any prior intimation or warning one day they mail that we have suspended your accounts and will share the update after review and after review they said its our final decision that we have suspended your account, okay if suspending we accept that we have breached their policies but according to the Suspension Policy of Skimlinks they will only suspend from the day they found it suspicious (Their Policies Given on End) but Skimlinks has taken away our long time work money which we have generated by working day and night dedicatedly to serve our and our family bread and butter, this is not a company should run they have to be lenient and they must have to be bit lenient to their loyal Publishers because of whom they are successful today, i replied them by Apologizing for not Providing this consent earlier I Rectified the error and wrote this Consent in my response That "I am writing this email in response to the deactivation and suspension of our Skimlinks accounts, as we are keen and committed to work as per the policies of Skimlinks the only problem occurred you have stated in your email. we accept that we were running multiple accounts without express written consent from Skimlinks please do not Penalize our account with immediate effect atleast a warning or intimation would have been given before you deactivate our account so we could have rectify errors from our end we request upon Skimlinks team to activate our account so we could thoroughly work on as per the policies of Skimlinks with approval and constant knowledge of terms and services we would be highly obliged if you activate our account and we can work with mutual consent.
I Accept this breach of Policy and i can declare/Explain/Express this error as we are working as Partners As the account Belongs to ABC. And Other Account Belongs to the other partner XYZ. We apologize that we didn't Declare this earlier as we didn't know that it is mandatory to write as the consent to Skimlinks. But We Now Declare this and We have our Legal ID / Passport / Driving License Proofs which can be provided upon Skimlinks Request." i requested to get me my access / my funds back atleast which is as per their policy so that atleast i can survive because i'm totally dependant on this earning but they are not replying their Customer Support system is this much slow that they dont bother replying even in 72-Hours.

My reason for writing this experience to you all is to be vigilant while working with such company because they are so lame and they don’t follow what they themself has declared.
If somebody could help kindly reach me on: would be thankful.

Policies which they themselves not following also mentioned on their website:

11.1.2 if Skimlinks in its discretion considers that the breach or other default is sufficiently serious, or if the Publisher has failed to respond to Skimlinks request under clause 11.1.1 to Skimlinks’ reasonable satisfaction, suspend the Publisher’s access to the Service, in whole or in part, with immediate effect and without any obligation to provide prior notice (a “Service Suspension”).

11.2 As soon as reasonably practicable following a Service Suspension, Skimlinks will notify the Publisher of the reason(s) for the Service Suspension and, where applicable, confirm the steps that the Publisher is required to take in order for Skimlinks to reinstate the Publisher’s access to the Service.

11.3 Skimlinks will reinstate the Publisher’s access to the Service as soon as reasonably practicable after it has:

11.3.1 received written confirmation from the Publisher that the breach or other default giving rise to the Service Suspension has been remedied or rectified; and

11.3.2 where applicable, Skimlinks has carried out tests or otherwise satisfied that such breach or other default has in fact been remedied or rectified.


Jul 01 2020

this is a bad and big scam website they let publishers make eanings by promotin the offers ussing there links and after that they holdding access to there account without any warnings and any explanation with the issue if there is like what happened to me i have a company llc and a coupons and discount website i joining to skimlinks and start promotiing there offers after i make up +5000 usd from my website ussers i try to access to my account in skimlinks but they shows to me an erreur massage i try to contact them by creating a support tickets but there is no responding i don't recomended to working with this scaming website skimlinks is a big scam they stole earnings from the publishers without any explanation or warnings and they don't have any proof of payment's in the web so avoid working with it

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