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AdWork Media is an innovative CPA affiliate network featuring many publisher tools including a Content Locker and the first ever Product Locker! Our 200+ incent/non-incent offer base is comprised of top converting campaigns in a variety of niches. AdWork Media's platform and Gateway Lockers are built on a 100% custom in-house platform that allows us to continuously improve the publisher experience.

Custom Publisher Platform

Publishers can manage their performance with access to multiple reports types and features like manual pixel placement, postback tracking, campaign/reporting API, automatic geo-redirection, and optimized banner rotators.

Monthly Performance Bonuses

We believe in rewarding hard work, which is why publishers are eligible for up to 7 bonuses per month that can be activated at any time. Receive up to 20% of commission bonuses.

Gateway Content/Product Lockers

AdWork Media's Gateway Lockers are unlike any others in the industry. Control over 40 customizable options including advanced theme options or use our preset configurations and themes to create stylish lockers in seconds. AdWork Media Content/Product Lockers consistently covert with above average EPCs and help our publishers earn more from their web traffic.

Signup at AdWork Media and use the Promo Code: AffPayingRocks after your account has been approved for a 1 hour - 15% bonus period. Refer your friends for 3% lifetime commissions.

Affiliate Network Details

Number of Offers 437
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS, Content Gateway, Product Locking
Minimum Payment $35
Payment Frequency Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-Weekly, Weekly
Payment Method Check, Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, AlertPay/Payza, Western Union, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Referral Commission 3% Lifetime Earnings
Tracking Software In-house proprietary platform and Custom content locking
Tracking Link
Affiliate Managers
  • Dennis Weiss
  • Dave Mackler

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Affiliate Offers

Shannon P.
Aug 16 2011

I've been in the CPA industry for over 5 years now and have worked with my fair share of networks. AdWork Media continues to amaze me and has been fantastic since day 1. I've received all of my payments on time and support tickets are answered swiftly.

If you are currently using a content locker (and even if you're not!) this is the network for you. Their locker converts extremely well, and I average a conversion rate of 20%-30%. You can generously monetize traffic from ANY country, unlike some other networks I have worked with.

All in all, AdWork has been a pleasure to work with. Give them a chance and you will be more than pleased with their network.

Ref Signup:

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Aug 11 2011

My Story with AdworkMedia Start on July 16th , I was approved and I have started promoting Their Great international offers, in the last 16 days of July I earned $57.96 it was Just the beginning, and with the great Support and the help I got From both Dennis and David I’m now Getting about $16 - $18 per day.

About the payment: I had a problem with Paypal and I don’t have a verified account, so the plan was getting paid using Check which will take 10 – 20 days to get it by mail and about a month to turn it into cash, which mean a month and a half to get only $57.96 but when I told Dennis the situation he said that he can pay me using Western Union and it was a Great idea, I was so happy that I will get my payment in two day instead of a month and a half.

But the big Surprise is they didn’t send me only the $57.96 (July’s earning) but also What I’ve earned until 8/10/2011 which make it $112 !!

I want to say Thank you AdworkMedia, You make me happy and I’m glad I found You AWM !

Thanks AdworkMedia,

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Eric Pacheco
Aug 11 2011

Great website, been working with them for 3+ months now, great EPC, great support. Highly recommended CPA network.

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Jul 21 2011

Hello !

Adworkmedia is the BEST CPA Network,and your question now is Why ? :

1 - their website has a wonderful Design !
2 - The best content Locker, I have ever seen.
3 - "New Feature": product locker,great Idea: you can sell you products using their offers, you select the number of offers you want the buyer to complete before he can get your product, and it looks so pro .
4 - They have a lot of GREAT Offers !
5 - You can Request any offer.
6 - you can Request custom payout for any offer !
7 - Two Great Affiliate managers,David Mackler and Dennis Weiss
8 - The real minimum payment:$35 that's what we can call minimum not a $100 :)
9 - Join to see that:

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Jul 21 2011

AdWorkMedia has been great to work with, I highly recommend them.

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Jul 18 2011

AdWorkMedia is the absolute best CPA network I've joined, and trust me, I've joined lots if CPA networks. What makes them so great is, I can actually related to them.

Well Dave scares me so I would say their support isn't perfect. just joking but they down-right have everything you need in a network.

The tracking is precise, which I like because it shows the IP address of who downloaded or completed an offer. Also along with the subIDs and etc which makes it easier on me.

Payout is VERY reasonable, barely seen any CPA network that has a very low $30 payout. This is great for newbies and very acceptable to me.

Their offers are great, hot converting offers and you can ask for a custom offer payout for each lead!

Not only that, but their content unlocker is top notch. Fast unlocking, smooth user face and also have many new features being added.

You have to try them out, their great.

I would upload a screenshot, but I haven't reach payout yet, but I will soon.

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Jul 18 2011

I have been with this AdWorkMedia network for over 2 months now, been paid already and even got paid 5 days early instant. I HIGHLY recommend them! First I want to say I have been in the cpa era for around 5 years, 3 of which were with with Cpalead. Cpalead used to be great, I won't deny that but.. honestly I am having amazing results with AdWorkMedia, even better then Cpalead it seems.

-Let's start off with the support:
The support is amazing, they listen and respond ASAP to your suggestions, ideas, and questions. They have net 15 payments for decent earners, even do bi weekly payments for HIGH earners, and even a phone number for contact in case you really need fast support.
I've been with them for a month now and absolutely love them! They are lenient with content and pretty understandable. This network has, and I say this with confidence, one of the best support groups out there period.

-Next off, Campaigns (surveys & trials):
They have a vast amount of surveys and trials to choose from. They seem to add around 10+ campaigns weekly, and if you know a campaign you would like to see, you can suggest it and they usually get it for you just like that! I would say there currently is around 200 or more surveys and trials that are available, about 50 trial offers paying up to $50, and 150 free surveys paying the usual $1-$3

-Interested in statistics and earnings?:
I use the content unlocker offered by them, which also is very well made and has many designs to choose from. Not one of those plain boring ones like most networks that look fake.. Anyways, the payouts are great! Survey wise, most surveys are around $1.00 payout, trials anywhere from $10-$40. Heres a part im really impressed with, the surveys they have credit AMAZINGLY, my average daily is around 16% conversion rates global, with anywhere from a average of $0.15-$0.18 EPC! If your talking just USA, make that about 20% and around $0.20 epc.

As said from another user, "they not only have direct partnerships with advertisers, they also broker ads from other ad networks to provide you with handpicked top performing and converting leads. This is an incentive CPA site meaning you would be able to incentivize your users to completing offers. You can even request custom payouts per offer." This is very interesting because this network is setup more on a personal level. You feel like your actually able to talk to the people running the network since they fix & add things YOU the users ask for and need. I'm not affiliated with the network, im just a member but I really feel they should get spread around so more people join in. They have been around for over a year, but recently started getting users, so I figured it's time that I would give my review also.

Bottom line,
I highly recommend AdWorkMedia if you use banner ads or ESPECIALLY if you use content unlockers!

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