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CPA eMarket is a leading Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Advertising Network with a diverse publisher base ranging from email marketers and search optimization gurus to web site owners. With access to the largest, most complete publisher network in the industry, Unique Leads has the ability to target any demographic with accuracy only dreamed of in the past. By employing the proven CPA advertising model, CPA eMarket brings the Advertiser and Publisher ever closer together, creating an environment where both parties benefit from the symbiotic business relationship.


Affiliate Network Details

Number of Offers 100+
Commission Type CPA , CPL
Minimum Payment $50
Payment Frequency Net-45
Payment Method Check / PayPal
Referral Commission 5%
Tracking Software DirectTrack
Tracking Link N/A
Affiliate Managers
  • Nicole Staley

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Rudy Gentry
Sep 19 2010

Hello this is my experience with cpaemarket I Signed up back in June of 2008, from what I remember,And I had quite a few sites or at least I did back then.Since then however Goggle has reclassified most of my 30 or so blogger blogs,And they disappeared.But I still have a few bloggers they let survive.Over the period of since I Started with cpaemarket I have sent countless thousands of clicks to them but my conversions are very low on average,But at the same time surprisingly high on just a few one offer was 67% conversion at 2/3, another was 19.44% or 14/72,another was33.33% or 9/27, And way too many to list although I kept track.The other stat I kept track of was I was never paid for anything never.I Sent countless Emails to the account manager listed inside the members area I Think her name was Joanna if I recall correctly. Never 1 response,By early 2010 I was losing Alot of bloggers from google and decided to rework the ones I had left and replace alot of ads. So I went to all the networks I belonged to,To have a look at what was available,Trying to make my remaining bloggers look not spamish so I might hang on to a few,When I got around to cpaemarket, I noticed all the ads were the same old ads that were on there since I had joined.We are talking 2 years,Hmm, And still no pay? so I got to looking around,And even the copyright on the bottom of site reads even now I believe 2008, But the site is recording conversions,I actually made conversions as late as 5/2010. But the place looks abandoned, The last stated payout says I think I would really have to go look again to be exact but real close to the end of 2008. So my conclusion is this:Either they moved the site or merged with another company and only notified the very top sellers, or they are running on auto pilot all this time and just keeping the funds that trickle in Untill they stop trickling.Anyones guess is as good as mine but I do know I never got compensated for even 1 click I converted for cpaemarket never.

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