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Convert2Media is a division of Convert2Media LLC and is the heart of Convert2Media's Performance Marketing Network. With an emphasis on the highest quality customer service in the Industry, C2M has positioned themselves as leader in the Lead Generation Industry providing thousands of high-quality leads to advertisers daily and only charging on performance.

Convert2Media realizes that publishers have multiple options when choosing a CPA network to work with. However, we also realize that not all networks are created equal. Publishers can easily be confused and grow frustrated when the majority of CPA networks claim to have the "top payout", "best service", and "exclusive offers".

Affiliate Network Details

Number of Offers 4000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPI, Pay per call
Minimum Payment $100
Payment Frequency Net-15, Weekly
Payment Method Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Referral Commission N/A
Tracking Software CAKE
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Feb 24 2010

Been great to me. Probably my favorite network yet. Just a bunch of straight-up no nonsense guys that really do help. Currently getting weekly payments from them. Def helps the cashflow situation.

Sep 01 2010

Are You KIdding Meeee?!!! Lmao! I’ve heard nothing but good things about c2m, really one of the best in the area. Ruck is the man!

Sep 15 2010

It's called communication. "May I have a bump on this offer" works wonders :)

Dec 02 2010

I have to say i can only assume things have changed, i been doing this a good while and am members of very good cpa networks, i just joined yesterday and there payouts are as high or higher then everyone elses, least on the ad types i run.

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Nov 16 2011

From what I can see. I think I might have a go with you guys. Seeing is believing!


Feb 27 2012

five minutes ago my account was suspended - the reason "YOU TELL THEM TO SIGN UP" LOL!

"44 people sing up and only 2 clicked 2nd page after sign up" - this is cool proof that I told them they have to register. It comes out that I should steer people, who want sign up! I must read them in their thoughts!

Unfortunately I can not even force traffic to do something they do not want.

In my opinion this is funny. I can not account for what does traffic on the site. I can account for targetted traffic - if they sign up it was targeted traffic. if the offer after sign up is not responsible for them, they come out from website. It's logical, this can not be predicted.

Unfortunately - if you want work with Convert2Media - you must be a magician :)

Where is the money? Of course in owner C2M pocket :D

May 20 2012

i am very disappoint with c2m. this week i received my 2nd payment on 16th may. but after that one of offer Dream Marriage was deactivated and some of my earning near about $100 was missing. i send an email to my affiliate account manager and he told me " Your account has been flagged for incentivized traffic to Dream Marriage. We do not allow any incet traffic to any of our offers. I've also done a quality check on your traffic and 3 advertisers said your quality was poor. " . i told him that i m not sending any incentivized traffic and i m promoting offers through 7search.i m following rule and promoting offers same as mention in description. then i asked what you mean by " quality traffic poor." send me any data which can help me to understand my mistakes and help me to remove it to get good quality traffic.. but next day they blocked my account and still they not send me any report.... 3 months ago i send an email that i am receiving huge difference between your report and 7search report but they not replied me about it. daily i was receiving huge error between c2m report and 7search report. if 7search showing 100 clicks then c2m was showing 50 to 70 clicks...

i just want to say that c2m are very poor in tracking and specially supporting section. they are not friendly network for publisher. even they not have any training program which can help to understand c2m and can help to promote offers with good quality traffic.

@Steve Howe. i am not demanding my earning . i just want reports which were send by 3 advertisers about my poor quality traffic.. you can upload here or send me by email, its up to you.. thanks...

Jul 09 2012

I've been running with these guys. When you just join them, AM said go to run the offer ASAP, run them as many as you can, etc.. But when the payment day was coming. Am block me on AIM, closed my account for no reason, the emails never got any reply. They shave $6500+. If you wanna join them, be careful.

Oct 25 2012 many positive reviews.Dear @steve Howe..
I wanna join your network as an affiliate.Please help me regarding this.I want to be approved quickly.(sorry for my bad English).Thank email is zubicool125(at) you and waiting for response.Regards

Nov 11 2012

can anyone tell me taht convert2media pays weekly on 100$$ threshold?if this is so..then i would love to join ..because i want weekly payment .thats all.right now working with top networks.
help will be appreciated thank you !

Nov 25 2012

I did not received commission of October. Could you please tell me when you guys will send my commission of October???

Oct 29 2013

Applied online to be an advertiser. No response in over a week. Called 800 number and phone tree put me on hold for 5 minutes before I hung up. Called back and hit zero for operator and someone answered with a barely audible "hello" (baby crying in the background). I explained that I was an advertiser looking to use their system. They argued with me over whether I was an advertiser or a publisher (I want to attract customers to buy my products and pay commissions to people that send me customers). Then one minute into the conversation he says, "Ok, I'm going to let you go." and hangs up on me. I have too many options to deal with crap like that! Terrible customer service!

Sep 25 2016

How can I get accepted by convert2media?