1st Class CPA

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  • OFFERS 4.89
  • PAYOUT 4.92
  • TRACKING 4.84
  • SUPPORT 4.9

1st Class CPA strives to offer a unique and one-of-a-kind experience for its affiliates. An experience that is, truly, first class in nature. In addition to exceptionally dedicated one-on-one service, 1st Class CPA also prides itself in offering a greatly diverse array of only the highest converting offers. Unfortunately, in order to accomplish these goals, 1st Class CPA must exist as a private network. Essentially, we don't want to waste our time or yours if you're not fully committed and able to meet our restrictions. Utilizing industry-leading fraud analytical tools in addition to a strong emphasis on sustained, long-term relationships with both affiliates and advertisers, 1st Class CPA is an excellent choice who both knows what it's doing and how to best provide for your needs, our network is for you. We look forward to working with you and if you have any questions, comments, concerns or even suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly via the avenues provided.


Affiliate Network Details

Number of Offers 100+
Commission Type CPA , CPL , CPS
Minimum Payment $1000
Payment Frequency Weekly after initial 4 weeks (read Pubs page)
Payment Method PayPal, Wire
Referral Commission 5%
Tracking Software HasOffers
Tracking Link http://track.1ccpa.com
Affiliate Managers
  • Brian Pennell

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Oct 05 2011

anybody receive the payment for Aug,I have not received it

Nov 02 2011

Anyone got September Payment???

Jan 10 2012

This is a scam network,he will shave your commission,Look at this picture,
He totally paid 220 times till now in the past 7 months,so he only paid 31 affiliates per month on average,and right now more than 2000 affiliates joined this scam network.So just think how many money has been shaved by this guy,!God damn it!

Jan 20 2012


I am leaving a review for two reasons,

1 - I am Bias and i find it funny monthly that about most affiliates that you pay do not leave a review so you can imagine how comical it is when i see a place with several reviews about support and offers. Needless to say here is a screen shot of what we sent out in mass payment today

2 - We have had some big changes, Please visit our site and view our offer page and read our publisher page and see our offers, payouts and our restrictions. Our web page has undergone a make over to compensate for these changes just click the join now as i requested it to go to our pubs page first instead of app so potential publishers can see our restrictions.

We have deleted over 500 offers this week because we will no longer be running crap offers. We will only be running high converting offers with highest possible payout as we will strive for quality over quantity. We are seeking high quality pubs that specialize in the credit report or payday loan area, Please visit our web page as offers we are recruiting for is listed.

We are currently seeking a select amount of pubs for these offers so we can build a mutual relationship with each one we choose to work with. Once these selected are in and things are moving along we will either move to the next vertical or recruit more for financial offers. Again i want to stress we recently added dating and downloads to the list but we are more interested in seeking affiliates that specialize in Credit report or payday loan offers as we have some of the highest paying offers in those fields.

If we fill up all the spots before you have a chance to get to it and know you can currently produce the second or third category amount of leads then contact me VIA our contact us page and we will discuss this further. However we picked a selective few for a reason so we can get to know and help each

Please make sure you can meet the requirements before applying. Also be sure to see what people have said about us over the last year right here and see how we been paying publishers on time since start, Now we wish to pay more and quicker so check us out.

Our pay scale is a bit different but has been redesigned to have every one on weeklies after the first 30 days which most networks that pay weekly require you to maintain first 30 days for quality anyhow. Only difference is we designed this to be beneficial to us as well as have you on weeklies after the probation period guaranteed. Read our publishers page for more info

So come check out some of the top paying credit report and payday loan offers we have on our offers page and see for your self that those who are successful in these offer types will make more with 1st class

Jan 22 2012

I can't write postback for my site.
Can you help me?
My email: jagroup1995@gmail.com

Mar 23 2012

Any recent payment proof here? Is this network still paying? I don't hear much about them anywhere, so was just curious to know this.

Thanks =)

Apr 05 2012

Any body get money from 1st about the payments of FEB 2012? they said pay out 15th ,we don't know why.

Ryan S.
Apr 10 2012

Here's a small suggestion:

Fix your grammar in your description above. Unless English is your second language, there really is no excuse for creating such poor content.

Apr 21 2012

Fraud networks use them. They condone them. They send them money. The worst part is that the fraud networks then believe that they are valid and compliant.

Brian, what are you going? A quick buck will not get you anywhere, why are you becoming a home for these overseas fraud networks?

May 20 2012

Their offers say one thing but lead to another. Only their preview links work.

Takyou Allah Cheikh Malaynine
Jun 03 2012

Why my account is locked
Even though I have very good traffic
Even if there was a problem that must reach a letter
From the administration
Conversely account closed I do not know why
Please consider the topic we are all here for our profit

Jul 03 2012

This network totally sucks . Their support system sucks too

Jul 19 2012

Looking for a credit report offer that accepts incent traffic - let me know what you have.


Jul 24 2012

Anybody get the payments about May?

Aug 06 2012

Anybody get payments from 1sT?the are become scam now?no payments.no answer.