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Phone: 212-391-7317Email: [email protected]

Number of Offers500+

Commission TypeCPA , CPL , CPS , CPC

Minimum Payment$25

Payment FrequencyWeekly

Payment MethodCheck / PayPal / Wire / ACH

Referral CommissionN/A

Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform

Tracking LinkN/A

Twitter@webgainsuk, @webgainsusa

FacebookWebgainsUK Fan Page

Affiliate Manager Jodi Rieger Email: [email protected] AIM: N/A Phone: 212-391-7317 Skype: N/A

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Overall 55555
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Working with several affiliate programs since 2016. I claimed a couple of sales that didn’t show up at my account, they forwarded my inquiries to the advertiser and they added them to my account once they were confirmed. Good customer service.


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Overall 44444
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The Network is good the only problem they take 3 months to pay the commission, if you have any problem or question send message to the support and they will reply you asap


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Overall 55555
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As Publishers of one of the UK’s biggest voucher and price comparison sites we have worked with Webgains for many years. Our sales through Webgains over the years are hundreds of thousands of pounds. We also work with all major Affiliate Networks in the UK. Our experience with Webgains, in comparison to other Networks, has been extremely positive in all aspects. We have invested heavily in our tracking system and have concluded that Webgains tracking is very accurate. The Merchant offers are provided on time and need only minor editing. Webgains Publisher support team resolve issues very promptly and we never had any issues with payment. Generally, we rate Webgains as one of the best and most reliable Affiliate Networks.
On Christmas Eve of 2015, however, our Webgains account was suspended. It was devastating to have this happen in what is for every voucher site the busiest time of the year. We understand that the Webgains compliance team work very hard to ensure that their Advertisers receive quality traffic and that we must have violated one of the terms and conditions. We feel that this must be completely unintentional. Sadly, Webgains did not communicate the reason via email or any message on our dashboard.

It is now Boxing Day late at night. We have spent our Christmas away from our families trying to figure out where our fault with Webgains was. Whatever that was, it wasn’t deliberate.

We have worked with Wegbgains for so long, we want to continue working with them. I am sure we will turn this into a positive experience too!


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Overall 22222
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I got paid from this Network but the tracking is so bad, i sent 4000 visitor to my affiliate links but only 500 clicks has been calculated!
I sent a message to the support about this issue.. they just changed the number of visits from 500 to 4000 lol……


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Kim Lee
Overall 11111
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After a few years with WebGains, they changed their site layout and something in their coding made it hard to even get to the screens that are supposed to hold the banners and ad codes. They would just load and load, no matter what computer, what IP, what provider, hell, what country (had my employees all over the world try under our account). When I complained (through a ticket), they told me everything was “fine” on their end (OF COURSE IT IS, YOU’RE LOGGED INTO THE MAIN SYSTEM, IDIOTS!) and that I should stop complaining. After many attempts at this over 3 months, I gave up and requested our money be cashed out and our account closed. Even after 3 more months, finding a new and better service and implementing their codes into our site, and multiple tickets that they would mark CLOSED without resolving anything, I’m STILL trying to get our money (which is only about a dollar or two shy of the threshold) and get our account closed. Their advice: Make it to the threshold. HOW COULD WE DO THAT?! We haven’t been able to use their service in over 6 months to even update the ads on our site to even MAKE more money! How does that even make sense?! Either way, I’m looking into options for a class action lawsuit. I know there are others out there and this company is scamming and not even bothering to rectify the situation. It might only be a little sum, but it’s the principle of the matter. And Webgains, if you happen to read this, we are 247 Asian Media.


Ryan Reply:

Hello Kim,
We have tried to help you as much as we can including significant troubleshooting from multiple sources and counties (outside of our system). As we explained to you, despite our extensive efforts, we could not replicate your issue. Furthermore, no other publishers, agencies or advertisers are experiencing the same problem and we unfortunately cannot assist you further without replicating your issue. We are also happy to pay you out as soon as you reach the minimum threshold. There are many reasons we have this policy in place and we would be happy to explain it to you via our regular client support channels.


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Ryan Reply:

Hello Billy,
The only accounts that are suspended on the Webgains network are those that are found in breach of our network terms and conditions. The Webgains team works very hard to ensure the highest of quality traffic for advertisers and removal from the network means a serious offence must have occurred.

We would be happy to review your case if you contact [email protected] and you give us the campaign ID.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Jessica Hertl
Overall 55555
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From an agencies perspective I have no issues with webgains.com
From an affiliates perspective, I have received no complaints from affiliates. From a merchants perspective, all our US clients are working via webgains.com US

Tracking is sound, support is good and Jodi Rieger is tops.
Accounting is fine.

One of our preferred affiliate networks


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Overall 11111
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You Will Never Get Deposit Back!!!

At the beginning, the agent draw a big picture of how they can promote your website through their service. They want you to give at least 6 months of time for a test run.

After 6 months, the Return Ratio is very very poor. I decided to stop lost and cancel the service with early termination. Since I knew there will be no penalty, they end up agree with it. Later, they tell me the deposit will not give back in full amount, because I held responsible for the charges for remaining service months.

I went to visa service for help, but they told me this charge had pass 120 days for buyer protection. There is nothing they can do. I end up lost $500 deposit.

This is a very bad experience. I want let every single person looking for online service know, do not trust webgain or any service that require deposit on the front. Visa will not protect you after 120 days.


Ryan Gilbert Reply:

JT0 – you have not provided your identity so it makes it difficult to respond fairly to your complaint.

To correct your statement, Webgains has never offered early termination so you have misunderstood your contract and what the sales person had told you during signup process. As explained during the sales process, Webgains requires ALL advertisers to commit to a 12 month min term. The reason (as explained to all advertisers) is because affiliate marketing takes time to produce significant results so this is in place to protect yourself as well as the publishers from premature early termination.

Despite our best efforts via documentation, phone and email to educate all advertisers on how to make their program work, some advertisers still expect results immediately. Affiliate marketing programs require a lot of hard work to build up long term relationship valuable publisher support. Some just have to work harder at it than others.

It is unfortunate you lost faith in affiliate marketing early, we certainly try our best with all our advertisers. If you had contacted your account manager, they would have been happy to work more closely with you to address your concerns and produce results. No matter who the advertiser, there is always something we can do to help.


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