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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: +49 30 201693042Email: [email protected]

Number of Offers1800+

Commission TypeCPA , CPL

Minimum Payment50 Euros

Payment FrequencyUp to three times a month

Payment MethodPayPal / Bank transfer

Referral Commission2.5%

Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform

Tracking LinkN/A


FacebookSponsormob Fan Page

Affiliate Manager Jenny Ibsch Email: [email protected] AIM: N/A Phone: +49 30 201693042 Skype: jenny_ibsch

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Overall 55555
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I am very happy with the Sponsormob support and the network itself! They have great offers, espeically for the US market (apps, lead gen offers) and Europe. Sometimes the payouts might be slightly lower comparing to other ad networks but I never had any tracking issues with them.
They also offer a great reporting tool which automatically tracks user information like operating system + version, carrier, country + region, language settings and many more. Very useful for optimization!

I can highly recommend these guys, go check them out!


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Uri Bilotinsky
Overall 55555
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I wish to highly recommend SponsorMob as a mobile affiliate network, mainly in Europe…
There’s a nice arsenal of offers portfolio there – some with high payouts.
But the most important thing for me is the openness, tolerance, service awareness and responsiveness Jenny Ibsch, my affiliate manager provides…
SponsorMob is truely a wonderful affiliate network to be part of…


Review from

Overall 55555
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I can highly recommend Sponsormob. They have great offers and excellent customer service. If you are looking for a network for mobile, Sponsormob is it.


Review from

Dave (aka [email protected])
Overall 44444
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I felt compelled to insert this comment today because of the utterly outstanding service that is provided to us (mobile marketing affiliates) by SponsorMob. Less than one month ago, I hadn’t even *heard* of this company or Mobile Advertising – and in about 2 weeks time, my INCREDIBLE affiliate manager (\’Jenny Ibsch\’) has helped me a WAAAAYY Beyond any sense of reason. I mean think about this… I sent her such \’Newbie\’ questions that it would have frustrated most people to the point of not wanting to even return a reply – yet Jenny… (did I happen to mention she\’s really incredible?!!)… Jenny… has consistently gone the extra mile for me. First by simply being patient, but then in addition to that, she\’s always been helpful in sending me the little things (tutorial-style suggestions and information tidbits) that have really helped my game. I\’m already looking at almost 800 Euros worth of commissions, and yet I didn’t have a CLUE what I was doing.

SponsorMob?? Please consider giving Jenny a big raise! (Or at LEAST a big box of high-calorie chocolates)

Thanks SponsorMob – and an even BIGGER THANKS.. to Jenny!


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Overall 55555
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I am really pleased with Sponsormob – the support is great, mails are answered within a few hours! They have hundreds of offers to choose from, most of them are optimized for the mobile web. But they also provide “normal” web offers as well. The payouts are fine, if you push a lot of traffic and generate many sales, it’s possible to get a premium payout and to get paid bi monthly or even on a weekly basis.


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Mike Beasant
Overall 11111
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sponsormob cannot accept any european affiliates without a VAT number.

In the UK, you dont need to register for VAT until your sales exceed £70,000 a year. Being registered also means regular accounting reports and is a real pain.

Therefore its a waste of time signing up as a small european affiliate, they wont accept you.


Talya Reply:

In response to the issue with the VAT number, we want to clarify that we require all of our affiliates to have a national tax ID number as well as the EU tax ID. Regulations changed July of this year and the law now requires both numbers for transactions in Europe.

It is not difficult to obtain the appropriate numbers. It is free and can be done through your home country. You do not have to be a big business to get this. We agree that it is a hassle, but unfortunately, these are the laws of the land …


Dave (aka [email protected]) Reply:

Hey Mike… I have to agree with Talya buddy.. and after all.. it *IS* easy – and it justifies (even more) all of the business deductions you should be claiming against all of your income.

Really – this whole thing is more about mindset. (And I’m a 14 year veteran in the self-development & success coaching arena, so I really do know what I’m talking about..)

Sure the tax number thing is a bit of a hassle – and I get it that you don’t feel the need – but here’s what counts more than ANYthing…. As long as you continue to live in that place of WANTING to be in with low-income earners (hence qualifying for not having to do any of the things a high-earner has to do..) well.. you’re simply ignoring a pattern of behavior that is keeping you below the income level I’m sure you’d like to be in. To end up in the winner’s circle, you absolutely HAVE TO DO the things that winners do.. and stop doing the things that have kept you where you’ve always been. This may sound like I`m picking on you – but I`m not. This mindset stuff is something you have to master — otherwise you`ll keep on getting the same results. Instead of finding what`s wrong in things (especially things that ENABLE you to make money..) aim your attention at getting to that place where (although you don`t pay one single euro more than the law says you must… you still WANT to be paying as much income tax as possible! (because that will mean you`re making a HELL of a lot more than you are now.)


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