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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: 800-699-0476Email: [email protected]

Number of OffersN/A

Commission TypeCPA , CPL

Minimum Payment$50

Payment FrequencyBi-Weekly, Weekly w/ Volume

Payment MethodCheck, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)

Referral Commission4%

Tracking SoftwareCake Marketing

Tracking Linkhttp://www.prominentlink.com


FacebookProminent Leads Fan Page

Affiliate Manager Kyle Hinckley Email: [email protected] AIM: prominentkyle Phone: 800-699-0476 Skype: N/A 1 Josh Okoebor Email: [email protected] AIM: ProminentJosh Phone: 800-699-0476 Skype: N/A 1 Karly Larsen Email: [email protected] AIM: ProminentKarly Phone: 800-699-0476 Skype: N/A

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Review from

Overall 11111
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I have work with Josh, Kyle and Shae since the first days
I was paid over 10k by them, but now No payment no reply for Nov,Dec 2013 Jan 2014 for me
They will scam ? Plz drop here feedback for them


dung Reply:

I’m just like you. I have not received payment in NoVember .
not have an answer from them


Review from

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im weekly with them
but this time they still hold my payment 1 month now

my affiliate manager josh has promise to pay me this week
so let’s see


Mouhcine Reply:

my affiliate manager promise to pay this week


dung Reply:

waiting for payment


dung Reply:

@Mouhcine : if you get paid .Can you show ?

Aff 1002 Reply:

Have you received payment of Dec, 2013? I have working on incentoffers and not received payment too.


dung Reply:

I have not received payment of November .

I need answers

aff 1454 Reply:

Me too,Y have working on incentoffers and not received payment November. My invoice is 680 ?

dung Reply:

I have worked with incenoffer and I have received money in October ( paid by Kyle ProminentLeads)
I had the invoice for November .Until now I have not received payment
I tried to contact kyle and Josh but no reply
Hopefully they can solve for me

Review from

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First of all I’m not a noob or new with this network I work with them since 2010, and my AM name is Josh
Well, I asked Kyle the owner that I want to run dating offers, and I asked for early payment, I wanted a weekly payment, he said he can and we agreed on $1000 as a start and I started push my traffic.
I noticed a lot of scrub and I talked to him, and he advised me to change the offer, and that was happen almost with all their offers, I can say that more than %25 converts wasn’t count on their end up to my tracking system, but I was doing well, so I said let it go and let see what will happen next, maybe after they see my high quality leads they will stop that bull shit whatever the reason was the network or the advertiser.
Well, I made over $1200, that’s $200 above the minimum. I waited 7th this month for the payment, and I spoke to Kyle and I heard what was not expected!
He told me sorry man, we have to make sure of the quality first, I told him sure! It’s your right but I’m sure of my quality, they sent an email to the advertiser and he was begging for more leads from me!
Did they pay on time as they promised? NO, they didn’t even after they knew that my quality is high.
I told him what you wait for? He told me sorry man; I can’t pay you before they pay me! WTF?
I told him that is not what you said before, and I don’t care since I delivered high quality and you made sure of that! He said that he will do his best!
And the same every day, he never paid, they only say sorry, we won’t scam you, and blab la bla
So I gave them a last change 4 days ago, to pay me by the end of this week, or I’m going to tell everyone about this shit, and what kind of business this company runs! I did my part of the deal and they made sure its high quality, they should do their part or that will be a lie! I don’t want say scam yet.
So, what you think?
Will Update you guys if they pay me


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