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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: 888-400-4359Email: luke@peerfly.com

Number of Offers

Commission TypeCPA , CPL , CPS

Minimum Payment$50

Payment FrequencyNet-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly, Daily

Payment MethodCheck, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)

Referral Commission5% lifetime

Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform

Tracking Linkhttp://trkur.com

Twitter@PeerFly, @LukePeerFly, @PeerFly Offers

FacebookPeerFly Fan Page

Affiliate Manager Luke Kling Email: luke@peerfly.com AIM: LukePeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1285 Skype: LukePeerFly 1 Charlie Gartman Email: charlie@peerfly.com AIM: CharliePeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1061 Skype: CharliePeerFly 1 Corey Englaender Email: corey@peerfly.com AIM: CoreyPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1321 Skype: CoreyPeerFly 1 Chad French Email: chad@peerfly.com AIM: ChadPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1194 Skype: ChadPeerFly 1 Travis Glenn Email: travis@peerfly.com AIM: TravisPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1286 Skype: TravisPeerFly 1 Davey Taylor Email: davey@peerfly.com AIM: DaveyPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1298 Skype: DaveyPeerFly 1 Corinna French Email: corinna@peerfly.com AIM: CorinnaPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1281 Skype: CorinnaPeerFly 1 Lauren Hostert Email: lauren@peerfly.com AIM: LaurenPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 8005 Skype: LaurenPeerFly 1 Nikki Lindsey Email: nikki@peerfly.com AIM: NikkiPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 8006 Skype: NikkiPeerFly

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Review from

jeffrey bautista
Overall 55555
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im here to share with you guys that PeerFly is really awesome and one of a kind CPA network with great offer to great AM , doing PeerFly way back to years ago and try to be back again last month and still On time Payments! nothing change at all after years of not doing peerfly and today i just received my last month earnings of $114 not bad as i just go back here. Thanks PeerFly and Lauren for
supporting me!

If you want to join go here : http://bit.ly/1PLrH5T

will give you some tips to start earning.

skype :jeffreybautista28


Review from

Overall 55555
Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

Great network, best support and always on time payouts.Corey is the best AM ever. If you’re new to affiliate marketing and looking for a reliable network with highest payout and easy and quick support – Peerfly should be your first choice.

If you’re new to aff marketing and having troubles to get in peerfly or approve your account or want to learn best ways to make BIG $$ with peerfly, feel free to contact me (imranhanif07) anytime on Skype.


Review from

Clive Bunch
Overall 55555
Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

I have been working with Peerfly for two years now and found them to be an outstanding network. Payments are always on time and the offers cover various niches, in fact something for everyone.
Sign up with my link and I will be happy to advise you about the sign up process. CLICK HERE: https://goo.gl/bALzhG

What are you waiting for? Make some money!!


Review from

Overall 55555
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I have been using Peerfly for some time now. I had been easy and fast approved using http://bit.ly/1Xtm3M7 .
They have early payment and easy integration.
Payment screenshot is also uploaded.


Review from

Overall 55555
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My experience with PeerFly.com is really awesome. I love their staff, they are all very nice! They are very friendly and everyone is willing to help you out. Plus, they have a large variety of offers and I received all my paypal payments on time. Compared to other CPA networks, it was very easy to get accepted by this reffer link :- http://bit.ly/1KjFkxz


Review from

Overall 55555
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One of best CPA networks out there.
GREAT network
GREAT support
GREAT offers


Review from

Overall 11111
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We’ve had a total nightmare experience with Peerfly.

Close to $4000 worth of leads sent to two offers reversed with the excuse of a “technical issue” with the advertiser’s reporting and pixels misfiring.

Conveniently, even though we promoted these two offers by the same advertiser over the course of 3 full months, the issue was only brought to light at the end of month 2, when our rep at Peerfly assured us that the issue had been resolved…

We then showed good faith, took the hit and restarted sending traffic to the offer, only for us to find out at the end of month 3 that another $1200 worth of leads had been reversed.

while I guess in good faith we can assume Peerfly weren’t paid either, they showed a total disregard for us the affiliate in this case, and due to not caring enough and full unprofessionalism, they’ve left us, the affiliate, with this huge loss.

All in all, terrible, terrible experience working with this network, and I’m very surprised at the positive comments, given not only their behavior but also the unresponsiveness of their support.

Payments are also always incomplete for some reason. Every month we’ve worked with them, we’ve needed to contact them multiple times to get the payments right.

Avoid like the plague.


curious Reply:

Hey, sorry for the loss you took. I was wondering if you would be able to say the two offers you were running? Having a bad feeling i’m going through exactly what you did, 2 offers same advertiser and hving issues with my payment now.



Review from

Overall 55555
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Peerfly is AWESOME! Plenty of direct offers and on-time payments! 😀


Reaz Reply:

How much did you spend? and what’s the profit?


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