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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: 888-400-4359Email: luke@peerfly.com

Number of Offers

Commission TypeCPA , CPL , CPS

Minimum Payment$50

Payment FrequencyNet-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly, Daily

Payment MethodCheck, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)

Referral Commission5% lifetime

Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform

Tracking Linkhttp://trkur.com

Twitter@PeerFly, @LukePeerFly, @PeerFly Offers

FacebookPeerFly Fan Page

Affiliate Manager Luke Kling Email: luke@peerfly.com AIM: LukePeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1285 Skype: LukePeerFly 1 Charlie Gartman Email: charlie@peerfly.com AIM: CharliePeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1061 Skype: CharliePeerFly 1 Corey Englaender Email: corey@peerfly.com AIM: CoreyPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1321 Skype: CoreyPeerFly 1 Chad French Email: chad@peerfly.com AIM: ChadPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1194 Skype: ChadPeerFly 1 Travis Glenn Email: travis@peerfly.com AIM: TravisPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1286 Skype: TravisPeerFly 1 Davey Taylor Email: davey@peerfly.com AIM: DaveyPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1298 Skype: DaveyPeerFly 1 Corinna French Email: corinna@peerfly.com AIM: CorinnaPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 1281 Skype: CorinnaPeerFly 1 Lauren Hostert Email: lauren@peerfly.com AIM: LaurenPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 8005 Skype: LaurenPeerFly 1 Nikki Lindsey Email: nikki@peerfly.com AIM: NikkiPeerFly Phone: 888-400-4359 ext. 8006 Skype: NikkiPeerFly

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Overall 55555
Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

Great network.. Peerfly has paid me on time, every time for 2 years now.. Highly recommend these guys.


Sarowar Reply:

Hi, Khemiri i want to join this network can you help me please…


Review from

Overall 22222
Thumb up 30 Thumb down 3

Unfortunately, PeerFly has gone down the hill.
They used to be a decent network.
My partner kept telling me to get away from PeerFly because they never helped him out, and I kept telling him that I always received help.
Years ago that is…

Now today, I’ve emailed them various times regarding early payment and questions on a particular offer.
I was told they’d get back to me. It’s been months and I still don’t have an answer.

Early payout was once something I loved. I was always accepted and have had my account in good standing with them for many many many years.
Now I requested payout and was never emailed anything regarding it until I waited 3 days and sent two emails. The payout was requested for under 1 business day.
I finally got an email saying it’s been denied.
Whatever the reasons, it is valid.
I’ve had my account with them for many years, received normal payments and early payments without a problem.
Now there is a problem.

Support is terrible.

It was once a very good Affiliate Network company. Very good.
They were very active in the community.
I received many t-shirts and swag from them too.

Unfortunately, my partner is right — they are lacking very badly and the lack of reviews on here shows.
It’s time to move on and I’m quite disappointed.
Not because the payment was rejected (the advertiser could have also had input), but because it took many days to get answer when I submitted it for under 1 business day.
It’s a he11 of a shame, PeerFly.
It’s time to reevaluate the company and your standards.


Browe Reply:

PeerFly had sent Net 30 Payment.



Review from

Overall 55555
Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

Got paid again. Peerfly is my favorite network ever.


thompson@saturn-tec Reply:

hello bro I want talk to you can you pls knock me my Skype:thompson.clegg – email:thompson@saturn-tec.co.uk when you feel free.I hope to work with you!


Hoang Reply:

Hello bro,i want ask you something and want working with you pls contact with me world_open or worldopen.exp@gmail.com


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