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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: 800-841-1369Email: affiliates@offerforge.com

Number of Offers25+

Commission TypeCPA , CPL , CPS

Minimum Payment$25

Payment FrequencyNet-30

Payment MethodCheck / PayPal

Referral Commission5%

Tracking SoftwareCAKE

Tracking LinkN/A

Twitter@OfferForge, @Jonathan Miller

FacebookOfferForge Fan Page

Affiliate Manager Jonathan Miller Email: jonathan@forgebusiness.com AIM: jbxza Phone: +27-12-640-1000 Skype: jon-forge 1 Vanessa D. Email: vanessa@forgebusiness.com AIM: N/A Phone: 086-10-36743 Skype: N/A

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Overall 11111
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100% fraud network, they don’t pay, even they don’t even reply back when you ask for the payment. Natashia Veltmeijer, account manager only replies when asking about offers no reply for any payment related queries. I don’t understand how these network just take money from advertisers and don’t pay to affiliates.


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Overall 11111
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I never been payed by them , they still have to pay me since 7/2011 my payout should be about 97.000 ZAR. Never received a cent.

they replied with excuses, and they stopped to reply and they deleted me from skype too.

I have to report them to Interpol, I’m 100% sure they are doing same frauds worldwide to thousands of customers.


Review from

Rupert K
Overall 55555
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Very happy with payouts – mine come every month, but maybe its becaused i’ve started earning higher amounts.

now that they’re not on DT the ad serving is faster than any other network in SA.

my comms have rocketed and normally i don’t post but had to say well done guys. ryan, jonno you’re doing something right :-)))


Youare Busted Reply:

Erm, the screenshot show that this was taken on a Mac belonging to Jonathan Miller, who is the founder of Offerforge.. not “Rupert K” as the poster is called. Haha, busted, fake review!


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Overall 11111
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Twice if not three times i have been promised payment and that never came to pass. Ive sent several emails, support ticket, message through facebook, phone calls and payment never came through. Ive dealt with a dozen affiliate programs and in my experience, Offerforge stands out TOPS for NOT PAYING AND NOT RESPONDING TO AFFILIATE PAYMENT QUERIES.


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Overall 55555
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love these guys, been with them for 3+ years now. Only network with credible SA offers. regularly earning mid-high thou’s monthly now.

support good now i have a dedicated rep. payments could be a month quicker, but at least they’re regular.


Review from

Overall 55555
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Thanks OfferForge, Ryan & team. No-one ever posts positive reviews, but i wanted to let you know we’re very happy with the results, especially in the last 3 months from EasyAds & OfferForge.
It’s converting really well and we’re earning almost 100% more than before and payments are hitting us each month now.

kudos on the support ticketing, makes my life a lot easier.

would like to see more regular newsletters and new program updates.



Review from

Overall 11111
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I agree with above posts,
not 1 payment since July 2011
Mailing Jonathan is a waste of time coz he ignores all emails same with opening tickets to accounts

Have supplied normal banking details repeatedly – but alas still no payment.

Tons of excuses – but no action.

Have considered lawyers for collection. but will cost me just as much to get out the R6000 they owe me

so simple

pulled all banners and will never use them again

Perhaps ill use my great SEO skills on indepth articles with the keywords

“Offerforge review payment scam”
but no doubt ill hear from them then 😉

AVOID THIS NETWORK… you’ve been warned


Affiliate Support Ryan Reply:

Dear ‘Steve’

Why not post your Affiliate ID?

That would be helpful and enable us to track your issue, if indeed there is one.

First names / anonymous comments don’t enable any positive feedback.


Review from

Overall 44444
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Not sure what all this is about but ive been on offerforge.com for +4 years now and never had issues with commission.

one month they didn’t pay me after i changed bank info but then the next month it was paid again.

thing is that they pay like CJ 2 months later, not like a cpa network.
once you’re rolling its ok and each month they pay.


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Overall 22222
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I thought these guys were proffesional! I am still waiting for my January and February payment which totals to R400+. On March, I removed all their ads no my site. I couldn sent them a support ticket on Feb for my Jan earnings since they had a sever breakdown. Last month I opened a support ticket asking about the delay in a payment and they responded lightning fast asking for my Aff ID – I supplied it. After that, I never heard from them again LOL. I opened another support ticket today, Ill update the results.


Thammy Zulu Reply:

The sad thing in life is that happy clients do not comment how happy there are. Even if they do no believes them. But let me be very honest. I run some campaigns with offerforge.com and I’m extremely happy. I still small but my revenue is MOSTLY 4-digits.

Let me explain how most affiliate make payments including offerforge
For the following to happen you reach minimum pay-out balance, e.g R500.00
Then this happens :-
1. You place ads on your website from the 1st till the end of the month. Let’s use January.
2. So at the beginning of February they invoice their clients, who pay them after 30 days.
3. So roughly they get their payment at the end of February.
4. Then they process payments and pay you in around 15th-22th of March.
5. This is a payment norm with most affiliate networks.
I’m not saying there are perfect, but they honestly payment me on time all the time, period. I may have issues with sale commission. But leads and clicks commission, I always get. I hate sales campaigns because the rely on the advertiser to update the information. Sometimes there are dishonest, not the affiliate company.


Ryan Reply:

Hello Siyanda

Please note that this issue was responded to through our ticketing system and the last communication we sent you was on Mon, May 7 2012 5:15pm

Hello there and thanks for your response.

Your account shows you have a pending payment – but we have no bank account info for your account, so we’re unable to process payment.


Affiliate payments are scheduled for the second week of each month, depending on the volume of payments that need to be executed. We batch process the payments each month and pay via EFT & Paypal.

Please ensure that your bank details are up to date in the system as payments that are rejected by the banks will incur a resubmission charge if it’s due to incorrect bank information.

We require a 6 digit branch code and your bank account number. Please ensure there are no spaces in either the branch code or account number.

Once payments are executed we reconcile the bank reports on or around the 10th of the month and mark the payments in the offerforge administration system. This will show you whether our payment was successfully executed.

Should a payment fail your affiliate account manager will be notified and we’ll contact you regarding the payment failure. Alternatively you’re welcome to email us and we’ll review the account to identify any payment issues.

We strive to ensure that payments are done each month, but should your payment be rejected we’ll process it on the following payment date.

Thank you again for your affiliation and we look forward to executing regular payments for your account!


Siya Reply:

Just coming back to let everyone know that I received my payment at last. Apparently, it was because I did not fill in my bank details. But I didn’t do so because I opted to receive my earnings via PayPal. But yeah, I was paid few days after I updated my bank details. And thank you.


Review from

Overall 11111
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We are awaiting payments going back to as far as June and it is now end November.

Reasons provided why they have not paid out are from Paypal issues to currency exchange problems. We have a FNB paypal account and have no issues with other payments. Have even supplied our normal banking details to help speed up process – but alas still no payment.

Tons of excuses – but no action. Have seen this plenty just before a business hits bankruptcy.

Anyway – final demand for payment has been made and next Monday the debt is to be handed over to lawyers for collection.

Will not be going back to doing any further business.


Ryan Reply:

Hello Skybound

Just to follow up on your post. As per our communication with you the issue with paypal payments was resolved in November and your payment was processed.

Our audit trail shows you acknowledged payment on 29/11/2011.


Review from

Overall 11111
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They claimed to have deposited my first payment of R 300 into my bank but it never showed in the account. Second payment is still comming, I want to believe, but it has taken some time already just crossing from South Africa into Swaziland. Hope it eventually comes becuase I changed to check payment after the first cash evaporated. Am taking a very close look at them. Some of my clicks go unpaid – could be wrong target I understand.


Ryan Reply:

Hello Musa

We never did get any feedback from you on this issue and would appreciate it if you’d update us by logging a ticket at offerforge.com.

We could not locate your affiliate account ID so please use this in any communication with us.


Review from

Overall 22222
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my main gripe with offerforge is that the people they employ seem clueless and incompetent. For instance once they send a mail to their whole affiliate base with everyone copied in CC, so i could see exactly who all their affiliates are. Needless to say i got spammed to death after that.
The other thing that they can’t get right is payments. payment dates seem completely random and are on average 3 months delayed which is ridiculous by any standard.
They have a few profitable offers which makes it worth joining, but don’t expect much joy if you’re a professional affiliate.


Ryan Reply:

Hello Anonymous.

You are correct that there was a cc email sent out back in 2010 – it was an isolated issue and as you know was extensively addressed by our CEO and resulted in tighter controls being placed on our and your data.

Since then I’m pleased to state that we’ve had ZERO issues. Our systems are audited by independent financial and technology auditors and we’ve gotten a clean bill of health. We’ve also got a staff training policy that makes sure we’re sharper 😉

your feedback would be appreciated.


Review from

Overall 44444
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I joined in 2008 and have seen my income steadily grow.
my account manager is very accessible and sends a lot of mail and new offers to me, which i like.
Had a payment issue with a merchant once – the network fined the merchant and paid me!

denfiately they’re good guys.


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