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Phone: 416-342-5646Email: generalinquiries@mundomedia.com

Number of Offers4500+

Commission TypeCPA , CPL , CPS

Minimum Payment$100

Payment FrequencyMonthly / Weekly

Payment MethodCheck / Wire / ACH

Referral Commission2% for 3 months

Tracking SoftwareDirectTrack

Tracking Linkhttp://www.mm-tracking.com


FacebookMUNDO Media Fan Page

Affiliate Manager MUNDOmedia AM Email: affiliatemanagers@mundomedia.com AIM: N/A Phone: N/A Skype: N/A

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Overall 55555
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Amazing payout rates, amazing EPCs and lots of offers !! No payment delays (FOR me, AT least) !!



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Overall 55555
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MUNDOmedia is my favorite CPA network. Great support, top offers, very friendly & helpful managers, fast and on-time payments. From my side they deserve more than 5 stars. I can’t recommend them enough!


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Overall 55555
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I Freaking love MundoMedia! They give me the best payout and my manager Mike rocks! Join under me now http://www.goo.gl/jFdalv & let’s make some money.


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Rob Foster
Overall 55555
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i came to know that mundo media is one of the most reputed network in the world for pay per call programme.can you plz anyone here mudo media promote any dating/adult pay per call offer?


Vera Reply:

Hey Rob, I’m a a senior affiliate manager here at mundo. Feel free to reach out to me at vera.todorova11 on skype if you have any questions regarding offers.


Robinson Dabalos Reply:

Hi Vera,

Im interested in joining with your network. Can I direct with you for fast approval?



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Overall 11111
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Hi Zach. Of course it is now Saturday. A week ago you promised that I would be paid Thursday, of course that never happend, but you assured me that I would be paid on Thursday. I told you that I was skeptical because every time I was supposed to be paid since SEPTEMBER has not happened. I don’t know why this is so diffficult, but i’m extremely frustrated because I feel like you guys are just giving me the run around. I refuse to send any additional traffic until I am paid, which is hurting me even more!! I don’t believe your network is a bad network, but i’m beginning to believe you guys are non-paying. There’s no reason why I should be waiting almost 4 months to be paid. I need this payment immediately, and you promised me that I’d have it by thursday. It’s now Saturday! Why must I campaign so hard to receive MY EARNINGS. I’m sure you have receive the pay you are deserved, so why am I not as important? I have held back for many months, this is not fair to me. I have children, the holidays coming, and campaigns still need to run. I don’t have time to beg for pay due to me from back in September! If you were in my shoes, you’d be fuming by now! I haven’t had this much trouble with ANY other network ever. I did have an issue once with Neverblue, but they made sure the next month I was paid, you guys promised me the same, but then 3 more payments/months went by. I demand payment TODAY!!! I have been promised payment and I would like it now. I am tired of waiting for your payment cycle that I seem to never be in. It is not fair to me. I have to pay my bills and you guys should to! I matter! I do not appreciate being lied to constantly. If you didn’t intend on paying me, then you just could’ve said that, instead of giving me the run around. Tell me whatever I want to hear to get me off skype and out of your email for a few days… Just pay me and I will disappear. Why tell me I’d be paid next Thursday, when you knew you would not pay me Thursday. Deliberately lying to me just to not have to deal with me a couple of days is childish. Be an upstanding business and pay me as you agreed. This is time consuming and frustrating. Most of all, it makes me feel like I mean nothing to you guys. I send traffic for nothing!!! At least not for pay because I still have yet to receive pay from back in September. I had a horrible thanksgiving because I was looking forward to receiving that pay so that I’d have gas for my trip to San Antonio, TX to see my mother. Over 3,000 mile trip. All of my family expected me, but I was waiting on a direct deposit that never happened, and you were just lying about sending, just to avoid me. So I didn’t get to see my family. I figured even if I am paid late, I could still drive there to see her, since it’s a long weekend. But… You never planned on keeping your word to make sure I receive my pay. So here I am, mad and beyond frustrated here in Maryland, unable to see my family as you i’m sure did. I do however hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Since it’s over now, I guess it really doesn’t matter now. It’s over and I can’t get that time back with my family. But I at least am alive and have plenty of time to figure out why you guys are still lying to me about sending my payment. Yay! Let’s get this done today, because I’m so done with this crap. REALLY! It’s just ridiculous at this point. Pay your bills!

To anyone who wants my review regarding MundoMedia…..
I actually like mundoedia, that’s one reason I’m so upset that I haven’t been paid. They have AWESOME offers, communication with my AM is decent. Zach (my AM) responds very quickly, but i’m not sure if it’s him or the network that limits his abilities. Because he has promised payments but they haven’t happened. Mainly because “I think” their system doesn’t update as it should. I provided my banking details twice and the system kept reverting to my old bank account which I closed. The system would say that it updated my info, but it never did. Zach and I finally got this error fixed, and the promises to be paid began, but just never actually happened. I don’t honestly believe it’s Zach’s fault deep inside, but he’s my only point of contact so everything falls on him. I think this is an awesome network and I want to keep doing business with them, but after 4 months of promises to be paid…. I’m over it! I can’t do business with companies that don’t hold up their part of the bargain. I am in the business of selling my traffic not BILL COLLECTING.
I say if you are going to work with them, just keep your eye on them. Because you could easily end up not paid for 4 months like I have. And since there is no authority or enforcement other than small claims, you might just end up with a main course of feeling robbed of your traffic, with a side dish of constant promises to be paid as I have.
They have everything you’d want in an ideal network however. All the best offers, very high paying, awesome AM’s who do communicate quickly. But payments might frustrate the hell out of you.
I wish I could trust them with paying me so we can continue to do business, but at this point I feel like all the promises have killed what trust I did have, and for only that reason I can’t continue to send traffic to them.


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