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Phone: N/AEmail: [email protected]

Number of Offers50+

Commission TypeCPS

Minimum Payment$100

Payment FrequencyNet-15

Payment MethodCheck, PayPal, Wire

Referral CommissionN/A

Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform

Tracking LinkN/A



Affiliate Manager Fedro Colliance Email: [email protected] AIM: N/A Phone: 718-576-6102 Skype: asp-international-inc

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I’m an affiliate of them from 3 years. By this time they never missed any single payment. They always pays in-time. Their Help Desk become developed and response become faster then before. . I strongly recommends this site for affiliates. I also attach my August month payment screenshot.
M A Hannan


Web TV Guy Reply:

I know there are two memberships (LiveTvWeb and eDigitalPlace) from the same service. I have been an affiliate of both memberships. This service is indeed a rip-off and dishonest to affiliate marketers. I know this to be true because I have been one of their affiliates for the past two years.

They didn’t pay my affiliate commission, after reaching the $100 threshold, until many months later, as I continued to argue with them. This non-payment happened one time and other affiliate payments were very slow to be paid. But to be fair, not all payments were slow to be paid.

However, they are dishonest. Finally, when I was paid my affiliate commission, I decided to give them another chance months later after telling them the right things they needed to do. As a result, I made more affiliate sales with them.

Again, they refused to pay me — months after my affiliate commissions reached the threshold of $100. My affiliate commission, to this day, is still due to be paid to me. But they won’t pay me. I decided to never work with them again and stopped all my referral traffic going to them

The membership I am speaking of, where they continue not to pay my affiliate commissions, is LiveTvWeb. I have a LiveTvWeb and eDigitalPlace account. I made one sale for eDigitalPlace and decided to cut my losses on both affiliate accounts and move on.

They are dishonest, disrespectful, and mistreat both customers and affiliates. Their understanding of the English language is terrible. I see too many customer complaints online about them.

It’s hard for me to believe they never cheated and deceived you and never paid your commission or never late paying you. Their affiliate reporting is terrible and I asked them many times to improve their reporting so that affiliates can track and see clearly what is owed to them including fees taken out for refunds, etc.

They won’t do anything to help affiliates. Instead, they are arrogant and cheat affiliates. I’m willing to wager you are being cheated out of your full affiliate commission each pay period and don’t know it, due to lousy affiliate reporting and them being dishonest.


Rose Reply:

I am sure they have skype chat – [email protected] to get reply . they have helpdesk .

I think you dont follow there rules how they paid there affiliates . As soon as you cross 100$ you do ask to payout but all we know anytime the sales can be refunded . You must have enough good numbers of sales upcoming to cover the chargeback or refunds .

You cant expect payment after cross 100$ .and noboday will do this . Because they paid around 30$ per sales so 3/4 sales will complete threshold but if there has any intentional sales 1/2 and then refunds or charge back ? who will give this money ?

If they give all affiliates payment correctly on time not to you ? must something has

Hopefully confusion should fixed .


Web TV Guy Reply:

I do appreciate your response. As a matter of fact, I do understand their affiliate payout and policy entirely. I’ve been an affiliate for over two years. Fact is they have a very poor affiliate reporting system. If you are an experienced affiliate dealing with many affiliate programs, then you know this to be true.

Not once did I have to contact the owner (Andrarasal) to get paid, nor any affiliate program anywhere online. I had enough sales in the beginning coming in and my commissions were sent out around the 1st and 15th of the month, once I reached the $100 threshold.

However, they stopped paying me even when there were enough sales coming. Refunds were at a minimum. They owned me over $1,000 and didn’t pay me until several months later, after me contacting them numerous times. When the time came, I was paid after I quit and the owner contacted me. So tell me what’s going on with that?

Despite all the customer scam reports, complaints and poor support, I was able to work around this when providing pros and cons. And have done more work than what I see here, with full written review (2000+ words that includes pros and cons, plus video review).

Then there was a time they refused to send PayPal payments which I complained about as well. The other payment processors they wanted me to use were taking out high fees which wasn’t worth my time and effort. After making this complaint over and over, the owner finally came to terms and offered PayPal payments to affiliates. Then stop using PayPal and wanted me to use a different payment processor with high fees. Now they claim they are back to using PayPal again.

I don’t know about you or where you live and whether or not you were using the LiveTvWeb affiliate program. Obviously, we both have different experiences using this service (LiveTvWeb/eDigitalplace – 247TvStream).

They don’t communicate very well; English is not their primary language; they have lousy affiliate reporting which makes it hard for affiliates to track everything. They still owe me money from the LiveTvWeb affiliate program. And never once did I have to call them on Skpe in order to get paid. This is why they have support if payment is late.

I was told I was going to be paid, then no payment.

Look, I am not upset with you. But what you are hearing from me is what I had to go through with them. I gave them input what they should consider doing if they want more USA affiliates besides me. A lot of communications have gone back in forth. Even suggested an affiliate program with far better reporting that other 3rd party services like them are using.

Understand that I do know what I’m talking about. Good for you if you don’t have any complaints about them which I can’t see that being entirely true, when it comes to their entire setup.

Having reviewed their updated platform (eDigitalplace – 247TvStream) which improved everything and appeared to have eliminated past issues, I’m giving this service another try but using a different affiliate program (eDigitalplace). The owner looked me up recently and we talked via my chat box and email. I told him about the past due affiliate commission fees from LiveTvWeb again, so I’ll see what happens.

When you gave such high accolades for this service without any flaws (cons), I found this hard to believe. There is no perfect service or product out there. But their affiliate reporting is lousy indeed compared to a lot other affiliate programs I’m currently using, which never pays late. I can track everything to see whether or not I’m being cheated. And there are some refunds with very rare chargebacks. Some of their payment thresholds are $250, not $100.

No need to respond back, just wanted to clarify some things.

Have a good day.

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