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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: 1300 737 922Email: [email protected]

Number of Offers50+

Commission TypeCPA, CPL, CPS

Minimum Payment$100

Payment FrequencyWeekly

Payment MethodPayPal

Referral Commission5%

Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform

Tracking LinkN/A


FacebookCommission Factory Fan Page

Affiliate Manager Zane McIntyre Email: [email protected] AIM: N/A Phone: 0754302251 Skype: commissionfactory 1 Mario Johnston Email: [email protected] AIM: N/A Phone: +61754302250 Skype: N/A

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Review from

Overall 11111
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Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!!!! DO NOT USE THEM. I have accounts with Awin, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Rakuten LinkShare, FelxOffers and Aliexpress and have not had as bad an experience as I’ve had with Commission Factory. First, they voided 50% of my commission and when I wrote to them they said that there was a technical tracking error with one of the publishers that caused commissions to appear on my account that should not have been there. Super strange but since this was my first experience with them I figured I’d give them the benefit o the doubt. Then I see that they listed these “error commission” as port of my void rate and that reduced my advertiser score. Why am I being penalized for a technical error? Wrote to them nothing could be resolved unless I wanted to have the “error commissions” deleted from my account. I did not because I wanted to keep track of commission that was recorded on a daily basis vs. the amount paid out to see if the company was legitimate. I go back a week later and they’ve deleted the record of the total amount of voided commission but left the penalty for the voided commission on my account! WTF is going on here. This seems like a scam.

I continue to email with support and they tell me that commissions are typically paid out after a month and I should be paid soon. It has been 2 months since I started recording commissions. If they can void commissions after 30 days why can’t they approve and pay out the non voided commissions? Shady! I keep emailing support to keep tabs on them and they approve a tiny portion of the commission that is owed to seemingly show that they do approve commissions. This amount is of coarse less than the amount needed for a withdrawal so they can say they have approved a commission but don’t have to actually pay anything. So all in all, do not waste your time. They will play games with you but not pay you.


Jenny Reply:

I have dealt with commission factory and understand HOW TERRIBLE it is to work for them.

I am looking for affiliates please email me directly for more info

Kind regards 🙂


Review from

Overall 55555
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I’ve been working with Commission Factory since they opened. The weekly payment run is excellent, although in line with all networks you do need to wait the 30 days for sales to be validated and after that the merchant must have paid out on the sales. Overall I have found promotion to payout time to be very prompt. Their payment is always with me on a Friday.

Staff – super helpful, always willing to engage and discuss ways I can work with their merchants. The tracking quality is good, the range of statistics available for me to assess the effectiveness of promotions and merchants is also very good and easy to use. They have by far the most of Australia’s large brands (online and offline).

Working with Commission Factory and having access to their range of merchants has greatly enhanced the profitability of my online affiliate business. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with this network.


Review from

Overall 11111
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Worst Experience.

There is nothing called weekly payment in CF. Its a bluff.
You get your money approved after one month and they release payments only on Thrusday..

Account manager doesn’t treat you Nicely Namely “DAVID”(full with ego).

If you plan to wire transfer your money overseas, they will deduct a huge amount and they don’t even explain it to you.


Henry Reply:

I am having a very serious issue with commission factory.Perhaps you could highlight the problem U R having with them? The CEO as he calls himself is a problem.He needs to know that affiliates drive his business & sales for the merchants. I used some caps in correspondence & now he has a stick up his arse & giving me a caning with it.Sad case of super sensitivity. Don’t go there guys & gals you will be burnt. I was warned before I joined but I thought I would give them a go because they are local & need a break
BAD MOVE ON MY PART.900 hours of my time & he decides to terminate at a whim because I used some caps in corresspondence. One sick puppy. BEWARE.
More details from me for those who care. HERE > [email protected]



Zane McIntyre Reply:

Hi Henry,

As had been explained to you in previous correspondence the reason you were removed from the network was your abusive and unprofessional correspondence with CF staff over a period of many months. You seemed to have oversimplified the reasons for your termination to that of using ALL CAPS when making a point via email. As was explained to you that was one of many reasons but also the offensive and sexist remarks you have made to staff.

Your last correspondence was life threatening and stating you wanted our blood. This is not tolerated at all. Just as you have the freedom to choose what network to use we have the freedom to choose the partners we will work with.

I’m sorry that we were unable to build a lasting relationship and wish you the best for the future.


Henry Reply:

Commission factory response glosses over the truth. The staff had no idea what they were doing & when I asked for advice they blamed the merchants.Caps were used on certain lines to emphasize the points I was trying to make which your staff were not making clear to me. Offensive remarks..??? You say you will terminate our arrangement [& did]with no warning after I have spent hundreds of man hours putting my affiliate site together with well over 100 merchants.This was being constructed with commission factory as the main agency.
Sexist remarks??? I was attempting to be told the qualification of the staff I was dealing with in CF.
All I got was a brick wall.
If you think that was offensive buddy be prepared for what’s coming.I had no idea the type of organization or people I was dealing with.No warning no nothing, Just termination.I only got mad when this clown did this and the staff were not answering any of my questions with answers, just complaining all the time about my use of some caps.These people have yet to join the real world.
You can tell from his rhetoric herein he is what he is.
Life threatening…This guy is cuckoo .He wishes me the best, like we all really believe that bullshit.
Sorry you say..Yes you will be.VERY SORRY.
After what you did to me you want me to kiss your arse.
Thank God for Clickbank & Google.
I have over 85 web sites with google & other advert banners
If you do not kiss his arse he will terminate you at his whim & leave you floundering after all the work you put in.
Again I would ask anybody who has had or is having problems with commission factory to make contact with me.
[email protected]

Review from

Overall 11111
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I had a good December(so I thought) promoting loan offers through Commission Factory.

In January I checked my email to discover that these scammers had cancelled 80% of my leads, blaming the merchant for putting his tracking code on the wrong page. $6000 gone overnight. Vanished! I was in communication with my affiliate manager at Commission Monster when I was running traffic and there was no hint that anything was wrong, they happily let me send them traffic knowing full well that I was operating on false conversion figures.

This loss has put my business in a very bad position. I have bills to pay and I’m not sure how I will be able to do it. There have been no offers from Commission Factory to compensate me for my loss and all the while they have placed the blame solely on the merchant, as though Affiliate networks have no responsibility to verify their own tracking system is accurate. They are either incompetent or downright evil, neither of which are good traits for a company that I am required to trust with my money.

Hopefully I can save other affiliates from becoming victims of these fraudsters. YOU WILL NOT GET PAID!


Review from

Overall 11111
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This is the worst affiliate program, I used DGM before and decided to try commission factory in April. They had twice tracking system failure for 4-6 days when no sales are recorded. But the biggest problem is they do not pay on time. They advertise weekly payments, though in reality payment for May is still not received in September. Status – pending.


Review from

Overall 55555
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I have had positive experiences so far with CF. Very prompt support which is nice to see, and when I followed up a referral, they told me others I didn’t even know about. As they are new, always looking for more affiliates and merchants.


Ashley Reply:

Hey Joel can you please let me know when is their payment date?


Joel Reply:

Hi Ashley

You can request payment as soon as your commission payments hit $100


Review from

Overall 55555
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So far so good, new network so can’t really end anything yet. Definitely shaping up to be Australia’s best affiliate network fast. Really like the on-time weekly payments, every Thursday. Tracking seems really good, I love the way you can see the tracking system that got the sale. Offers are good, not a whole lot of CPL at the moment but programs are starting coming in. Some good Fashion and Adult CPS however. Very fast on the Affiliate support, even outside of stated business hours.


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