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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: 954-427-8747Email: [email protected]

Number of Offers20+

Commission TypeCPA

Minimum Payment$1.75

Payment FrequencyNet-15, Weekly

Payment MethodCheck, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)

Referral Commission5%

Tracking SoftwareHasOffers

Tracking LinkN/A



Affiliate Manager Adam Brown Email: [email protected] AIM: adamb1104 Phone: 954-427-8747 Skype: N/A

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Affiliate ID: 330
Overall 11111
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Adam Brown invited me to join his network, but when we worked with them, they do not pay me. Adam Brown owe me $ 238.70 for October and this was a little traffic that I tested BlueflameElite and I have received a bad experience from this network. When I asked Adam Brown paid me, this guy promised to pay me through Wire. But until now i have not received any payment from Adam Brown. This really is a bad network and Adam Brown is a liar.
You can see the email he sent me here and I encourage everyone to consider this network before working for them.



Adam Brown Reply:

I have said to Jason a few times now that we sent him a check to the address he put on his account. however the address he listed is not the right address. we only send wire payments for 1k and above any other payment is sent by check


Affiliate ID: 330 Reply:

Adam has not sent me any payment through check or Wire. Address on my account is correct but until now we do not see any payment from this guy. This is a bad thing when working with this network.
I do not see any payment provisions under 1k will pay through check on this network and all emails that I get from Adam does not said to this issue. If Adam wanted to, I will let everyone to see your emails. Everyone just saw Your Minimum Payment: $ 1.75. Are you trying to not pay for us ?
Adam has promised to pay me through Wire but this guy did not pay us. I think everybody have seen this guy’s email in my comment.
Yesterday, I was talked to this guy on AIM and this guy promised to pay us through Wire again but until now we do not see any payment from this guy.

Me 12:42 am
Hi Adam,

Adam Brown 12:43 am

Me 12:43 am
Will you pay for us or not ?

Me 12:43 am
Why you don’t keep promise ?

Adam Brown 12:43 am
i sent a request the other day to our accountsant to submit payment
i will follow up with her today to send this
i am not here not to pay you
you have to understand we did send you checks you just put in the wrong address on your account

Me 12:44 am
I waited for your payment so long
we asked you pay for us through Wire not check.
Our address is right but you paid for us through check with wrong address.
Adam Brown 12:45 am
we only pay by check unless the rev is over 1k
but for you i am going to have this push throught

Me 12:46 am

Adam Brown 12:46 am

Me 12:46 am
Your Minimum Payment : $1.75

Adam Brown 12:46 am
but we only pay wire when payments are over 1k

Me 12:46 am
Not 1k

Adam Brown 12:47 am
we send checks for anything under 1k

Me 12:47 am
all your term did not show that.
are you trying to lie me?

Adam Brown 12:48 am
dude i am not lieing to you

Me 12:48 am

Adam Brown 12:48 am
thats how we work anything under 1k gets paid by check
‘its not my falt you put the wrong address in your account
i will have the accounting send you a wire to be the end of it

Me 12:49 am
I will wait a payment from you via wire.


Affiliate ID: 330 Reply:

Adam Brown is a young man and never kept his promise. He will promise to pay you when you ask for payment but seems he will never pay you.
This guy sent me an email when I request payment. We waited and we have not received any payment from this network. A bad experience when working with BlueflameElite.


Adam Brown Reply:

This payment was sent out last week with a wire payment. He would of got the payment if he listed the right address on the account the first time.

Affiliate ID: 330 Reply:

Our accounting department has called for teller to check the payments that we have received on this month. But do not have any payment be sent from BlueflameElite or Adam Brown. I think this guy is lying us. Because we asked Adam to send us the payment proof to verify payment he was sent, but he could not verify because he did not send any payment to us.

Review from

Overall 55555
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Amazing network! They have about 30 e-mail submit/coupon offers that pay $1.75 and higher and convert well! Check from March commissions arrived today!


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