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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: N/AEmail: [email protected]

Number of Offers500+

Commission TypeCPA, CPL, CPS

Minimum Payment$50

Payment FrequencyWeekly

Payment MethodPaypal, Wire, Bitcoin

Referral Commission2%

Tracking SoftwareCake Marketing

Tracking Linkhttp://btrk2.com



Affiliate Manager Manuel Email: [email protected] AIM: N/A Phone: N/A Skype: mannyg_bankroll

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Overall 55555
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Just got payed out the other day from bankroll media!


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The owner of Bankrollmedia is Manuel Gonzalez .He was the owner of affiliatecashpile.com and another cpa which both went bankrupt and where people didnt get paid
He is trying to get all evidences on messageboard deleted since some mods are coworking with him and advertising his cpa

Here the proof its Manuel http://snag.gy/KQZlA.jpg


Roger Miller Reply:

Manny is helping me with the network this is true. ACP was sold, Prior to it being sold it was a good company. You can see the reviews here:
http://www.affpaying.com/affiliatecashpile Score:4.86 / 5 ALL good reviews were from when Manny was the owner.

His other network Elektra, was closed due to a bad relationship with his old partner. Additionally, it only has 20 strong affiliates and 15 mid level publishers (95% of which signed up and are currently running with me).

Clearly Manny isn’t trying to hide (he uses his real name, and even posts a banner to help me on his facebook).

My name is Roger Miller, Manny was going to retire from CPA. I talked him into staying and helping me grow my network. He agreed, and it has been amazing. I am the sole owner of BankRollMedia. I chose to add Manny as an owner (on the site) because (as I just stated) he is helping me grow a stable network by teaching me how to avoid and detect fraud. I plan on giving him a tiny percentage for his help. He still plans on retiring from CPA next year (as he has a company worth several million dollars in the crypto industry).

On a side note:
We currently are paying weekly and DAILY.
Please keep checking our homepage (http://bankrollmedia.com) we will be announcing a MAJOR giveaway VERY SOON!


Mike Reply:


Manuel sold his acp which is true but he didnt paid all his affilites when selling his acp.He run out of money and sold it to run away.Closed all accounts and history and claims everyone got paid which is not true.People were asking for their money.They even opened at bhw a shitlist where manuel asked for affid as proof that he owns somebody money.The given username and email of his old network didnt helped according to Manuel since he can’t find accounts by email or username just by affid ?Who is going to belive that shit.Asking here any affiliates who remembers their affid (trackingID)from 2 years .Cause everyone knows just their email and username.But since Manuel knows that he delated all data without previous information he knows exectly noone has their affid (only email and username) and thats exectly why he only accepts affid as proof.What a poor excuse.And to say the truth Manuel already confirmed that he is the owner of bankrollmedia so stop bullshitting and trying to not loose your face.On your cpa website there is no information about your company bankroll media llc which Manuel claims.Why is there nowhere any information about this company ?Are you hiding your details if somebody would like to sue you like Manuel did in the past ?What a coincident.
And as always Manuel recruted their affiliates mainly from bhw.What a coincident again.
He claims he didnt remember any person who he owes money.I can instantly post 8 names which contacted Manuel about their money and which where blocked by him.So him claiming he doesnt know anything about people he owes money is a big joke like your company.
CPAdiamonds …..one of the biggest scams on bhw.Maybe i should talk about it too how it is related ?Heh


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Overall 55555
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I have been working with Bankroll Media for over a week now and was just paid out today accordingly. Roger is a great guy to work with and his support is great as well. He will answer any questions you may have in a timely manner.

Only suggestion I would like to make is for the tracking platform, it could use some graphs as the interface does look a bit dull at the moment. I’m quite sure that they will be updating the interface in the future though. idk. but that is my only suggestion. The tracking of clicks and conversions does work great though as well so there are no issues with that.

I look forward to many more profitable weeks to come!

highly recommend you join the network.


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