[Adsterra CPA Network] Case Study of Running a CPL Dating Offer With ROI 317%

In Australia, Dating is a pretty competitive vertical. It’s a Tier-1 GEO, and affiliate marketers can enjoy decent payouts, but only when meet requirements. Today you are going to dive in a case study of running a Dating CPL offer on a very promising platform for affiliate pros, Adsterra CPA Network.

It’ll help if you make notes on:

  • the pricing model chosen;
  • the pre-lander and creatives’ ideas;
  • hints on adding device types;
  • the starting bid.

Case study data: a CPL Dating offer advertising

Traffic type: Social Bar by Adsterra.com

Offer source: Adsterra CPA Network

Offer: Dating All Traffic

Time period: May 05–11, 2021


Spent: $75.50

Income: $315

Profit: $239.50

ROI: 317%

Choosing GEO and traffic source

Hey everyone!

Today we have a case with an interesting offer! Let's try to work with Australia and see what happens.

Let's roll!

Choosing an offer

Sifting through various offers on numerous pages and I found a dating app that caught my eye. In brief, the offer's multi-geo, and I decided to try to work with Australia, because I know about the state of Datings there. Offer seemed pretty good at first glance, restrictions were fairly basic and did not cause any concerns. The payout is for SOI registration, which is very nice too.

  • Conversion type: CPL SOI
  • Vertical: Dating
  • Device format: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
  • OS type: ALL
  • No bot, No fraud , No incent, no misleading
  • Payment for each registration — $3
  • Please take into account that test limit is 100 conversions

Screenshot of the final landing:


We are going to work on the CPC model, you can immediately ask the manager how this GEO is doing and what is the best bid to start with. I suggest starting at $0.01 per click, a very competitive rate for AU.

We only work with mobiles and tablets, don't take the desktop. This is only in order to work with the case. If you like desktop and want to try — you're welcome)


There is a mislead ban in the offer. So tone down the mislead on your creatives, otherwise they just won't get through. I'll show you some examples, as always.

With Datings you should never forget about prelander, it plays a vital role. By the way, prelanders are almost always misleading, so be careful and put cloaking on your link beforehand. Only with some cloaking set up can you try to use a misleading prelander.

Example of a prelander:

Since we have mislead banned, we can't use things like "you were sent (4) photos" or "only 1 km away from you", and that's a pity.

By the way, it's best to avoid adult creatives too, because you can severely cut the amount of traffic. The best option is to stop at some light erotica, or just pictures of beautiful girls.

Templates that are similar to posts from social networks continue to do very well. That's what I got:

It is better to clarify in advance with the manager what counts as a mislead. Everyone is different, and if someone can cut you some slack, others will flatly refuse any manifestation of it.

Try different options and gather a pool of creatives in advance, which you will show and approve.


Remember to add tablets to the campaign if you are going to scale it up. As a reminder, if you are using the self-service platform, then the only way to add them is through the manager. That's because in SSP you can only run the campaign on one device type.

Apart from that, I advise you to work more extensively on new creatives, because they tend to run out of steam, especially on Datings. The number of clicks and CTRs will start to fail before you know it!

Post optimization

Total: targeting mobile devices and tablets; all OS types; all browsers; $ 0.01 per click;

Screenshot of the final settings:


Screenshot from Adsterra:

Total spent at Adsterra for all days: $75.5.

Income $315.

Profit $239.5.

ROI 317%


As you can see, there is more than enough money to be made. The most important thing is to find those creatives that will be clickable and have a high CTR and CR. The amount of traffic is not very high, so you have to work hard to find a good bundle.

This offer is great for beginners as well as for those who know their business. I will draw your attention to the fact that this is only earning from one geo. I'm scared to imagine what will happen in the U.S. :)

Be sure to try, learn and earn!

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Wish you all the best!

Alpha Affiliates